“mostly peaceful”

Utah. Is there anything in this story?

A driver faces charges after he was accused by Evan McMullin of threatening the US Senate candidate along a southern Utah road after a campaign event in April. In a court filing, McMullin said the driver, Jack Aaron Whelchel, pulled alongside and forced the car in which McMullin and his wife were riding into oncoming traffic after mimicking their route for miles, CNN reports. “He then brandished a firearm, pointing it toward us in a threatening way,” McMullin said in a victim impact statement. Whelchel’s lawyer describes the encounter differently. “He never brandished a firearm,” said Brixton Hakes, though he conceded that his client had put a firearm on the center console of his pickup truck. He said Whelchel at first thought he was the one being followed.

Politically motivated, or just a misunderstanding and coincidence? Granted, the guy threw out violent rhetoric online, but that just adds to the query.

Then there is this –– and the gay periodical Advocate (second article on google when I look it up) has one identity angle on it —

A staffer of mine — who’s 1 month into her job — received a call from a man saying he’s coming to our office w/ an assault rifle to kill me,” Swalwell tweeted Tuesday. “I hesitate to share this but how else do I tell you we are in violent times, & the architects are Trump & McCarthy. Bloodshed is coming.” He was referring to the former president and House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy.

He shared a memo on the threat. The caller asked for Swalwell’s whereabouts and “went on a rant regarding gay issues,” the memo reads. “Said he is a gay man, but he doesn’t take it up the ass he gives it. Used the F slur several times. Mentioned he has guns and wants to ‘F*ck him up.’ Also made a statement saying he will come to the office, or to wherever he is to hurt him. He will bring guns (AR-15s) to kill him and f*ck him up.” The man gave his name, and the staffer got his phone number and a recording of him.

Part of me thinks, and will get brandished as insensitive or missing a point — simply — oh, part of the job. Public life creates nutcases with emotional problems, long before Trump and McCarthy, long before a former President demanding an extra- constitutional snap redo of an election, long before a search warrant lead to a search of Trump’s Florida residence and they all had hissy fits. As were, across the aisle the Republican in comparable position in party leadership to Swalwell — Louisiana’s Steve Scalise — had to be hospitalized after being shot at a congressional baseball game.

Fifty — fifty chance he is actually gay?

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