Down and up

Yeah, welcome to Hell, where the 2024 Democratic presidential nomination is Joseph Biden’s if he wants it, and the 2024 Republican presidential nomination is Donald Trump’s if he wants it.

And has just who do the Liberals who are somewhat sour on Biden think ought be the nominee? Look to The Nation and we see…

Biden. Bernie (again????). Gretchen Whitmer. Ro Khanna.

Best of luck on that.

Circumstances follow that some sort of Biden — and by hook and crook both connected and not — Democratic prospects have inched up. He killed one of those terrorists, gotten Manchin to pass the big “Bunch of Things” Act, and thrown money at college educated deadbeats. The last one is interesting in that I have no idea if it is goid policy

— and I should point out that this is not a real “gotcha”. Taking advantage of what you consider bad policy or ” not against taking, against you giving” is legitimate idea —

, and if we balance things it may be good politics — but it is pot stirring politics, A resource war that emitters some constituencies. Witness Ohio Democratic Senate candidate Ryan getting off-board.

Then again, Ryan won’t win. In an election year where Trump’s antics — cue one reasonable thought:

Based on how we know Trump and the FBI operate, here’s my theory: Trump was in a hurry and sloppy about getting his stuff out of the Oval because he was not planning on leaving. He yelled at movers and told them to just stuff things in boxes, which they did. Once the Archives requested documents back, Trump threw a tantrum about giving up “his stuff”. Now he’s just dug in and perhaps enjoying the attention. OTOH, I (etc)

and the limitations of Trump’s mini-mes — hard shoot from the hip celebrity anti-politicians apt to get lombasted, ala Oz in Pennsylvania — with the “gotten some crap, so at not ineffective, and gas prices are down a smidgeon” boost — move the Democrats to heavy Senate favorites. But Ryan will lose to Vance.

A curious dichotomy of that “Trump influence in the parry” and at large game, where Trump moves the Senate to Democratic hands, but no one who crossed him wins. Excepting election law anomalies —

Basically, the top two primary system of Washington and California saved Newhouse and Valadao, and nearly saved Beutlear. It appears the ranked choice system in Alaska will save Murkowski — though she has already shown that the back up plan of “write-in” was doable in 2010.

In other election news:

All right. Rolling Stone doesn’t like the third wheel in the Oregon gubernatorial race, and I stumble right about here: She recently cautioned that her Democratic opponent — who would become the nation’s first lesbian governor, if elected — wants to “bring the culture wars to your kid’s classroom.” Leave aside the “dog whistle” motif that is more than implied and serves as a lock down on any deliberation of issues — I tend to think current governor Tina Brown’s bisexuality counts, or is “close enough” to shut the “first lesbian governor” theme down as anything… Interesting… Novel.

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