“Your truth”

Sometimes a detail just throws you, and says something. So out of Donald Trump posting on his social media platform, the culture’s terminology

Truth Social — effectively a clone of Twitter with a MAGA sensibility — refers to individual posts as “truths,” and the retweet equivalent is to “retruth” a message.

Huh. Is this advertent or inadvertent aping of “the left”? — The therapeutic touchy feely parcel with an eye toward intersectionality and wanting to advance “narratives” of the oppressed? It doesn’t come across as ironic, a “needer neener”. It is a charge of ” There is no ‘your truth’, there is just ‘the truth!'” — an equivalent in the past as from some hardheaded people if you say in expressing an opinion “I just feel that — ” a “Don’t ‘feel’. THINK!”

So comes the parody. National Review (making sure to say “think” and not “feel”, even as parcels of ” Never Trump but I guess” may lead to wanting to characterize it as “feel”)

Whatever anybody thinks about the FBI’s actions at Mar-a-Lago, can we all agree that Donald Trump’s claim — that there was a “standing order” that said whatever he brought to his Florida residence was automatically declassified — is patently absurd?

Not according to “his truth”.

And then… NYT.

People close to the president say it was part of his pattern of collecting keepsakes. His office at Trump Tower was so crammed with memorabilia, including Shaquille O’Neal’s gargantuan sneakers, visitors had to edge their way inside to avoid knocking down a knickknack. His critics see more sinister potential motives, rooted in his cozy relationships with authoritarian leaders.

Hoarders hoard. Nuclear codes, Shaq’s shoes — same difference.

President Trump always presented a puzzling question. Like, I could care less about Roe v Wade and taking a step back don’t view it as meaning as much as people think it does. But here come the performative Handsmaid Tale dresses and allusions to Trump Vulgarians I am supposed to give a thumbs up on — as though it is the meaning of his presidency and as though President Romney somehow would mean something else. I suppose the best I could say on this score is that what was a nakedly transactional politics (weirdly the most endearing aspect of his presidency) transacts into other realms — or potentially would.

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