Dumb religious concerns

(Tap tap tap)

The dilemma of seeing the headline at The Atlantic — “How the Rosary became an extremist symbol” — assuredly a simultaneously sad and unintentionally hilarious farce of an op-ed — is the question — do I want to spend one of my few free articles of the month on this link?

Luckily I see a summation of generous number of quotations elsewhere. And yep. This aticle is as stupid as it looks like it might. The rosary is the new AR-15! People who oppose Abortion whip it out all the time. The guards at the Vatican deploy it and consider it a ward against the world’s Satanic influences. The Knights of Columbus are stratifying their claims on Patriarchy and doubling down on them — they have more rosaries than ever before. The rosary is the new AR-15!

Now flash the “ok” sign with one hand while holding the rosary with the other, and see what happens.

Next article down is “How should feminists have sex now?” which I can almost guarantee will not live up to anything. This is basically a perennial –pops up from time to time over the past five decades. Do what they want with it, I guess.

“Salman Rushdie and the Cult of Offense”. Do I even want to know?

Funny thing — someone I know became entangled in finding details on the assault on Rushdie. Islamic, or some dumb Christian who just knows he did something with Satan in it. I have to answer. My initial assumption — and which apparently the case — was Muslim — it is his past history and all — with the further statement that I’m not wedded to the notion, and if details emerge otherwise than details emerge otherwise. For the further thought experiment — In the initial rush after Oklahoma City federal boarding before they spotted Tim McVeigh, I could meet the assumptions of “Muslims! Arabs!” with — “They even know where Oklahoma is?”. As so happens, a federal building in the middle of the country can easily be symbols of federal tyranny for mid country McVeigh, where you need to get to bigger entities of WTC and the Pentagon as the symbols of Western Imperialism for Bin Laden et al.

My darkly amusing comment laying out there which flashed past my screen — ” JK Rowling is next!” — Rowling at the end of death threats — actually, she’s upset a whole gambit of peoples. And yet still, if I hear of a horrible maiming on her, my thought would not go to “Ah! Tranny terrorists!”. (Interesting, if it turned out to be so — they probably would use the denigration “tranny” in their extremist group name.)

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