Stunting annoyance

I guess it is beneficial because it gives Trevor Noah a chance to make a few cracks for the applause of his audience, but beyond that a legislative measure to maintain or enshrine a right to interracial marriage is a pointless performative stunt. I would recommend a ‘no’ vote on that ground, if that were the only part of the measure. Bit as it is a tack on to the more meaningful “same sex marriage”, I swerve to urging passage. The added political stunting of it rankles, and is bad form. I would be curious to see what the two parts of the bill would garner in passage on the House floor. Despite the pointlessness of one and the necessary nature of the other, I suppose the ” interracial marriage enshrinement” would garner a lot more votes than the “same sex marriage” enshrinement.

Of course, the most cited pundits of the day — the hosts of The View — come in with a “can’t win” stance. Lynne Cheney, “only care because she has a gay family member“. As though it matters. Well, some people needed more than Will and Grace to complete a personal connection, I guess.

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