Shifting political alliances

By most accounting, the Maryland Republican nomination of Dan Cox means that the Democrats will win the governorship in November. The Republican governor is backing away from him, and he would be selling his soul if he weren’t. Don’t ask me if this means if the other guy had won if the split would work the other way — the “Trumpists” would saunter the general election bid of Kelly M. Schulz. My best guess is Schulz would win with the vast non or weakly partisan Democrats. At any rate, Trump can now hold a few more rallies in Maryland and insult Baltimore some more — drugs and all that — these troubled implications somehow ignoring the waves of meth and then opiods which are said to have been ignored in red state rural America and said to have brought Trump into office.

The right / left divide of the Republican party does get mixed up. The old and new establishments find the Internet troll they think they can mold for the next generation. Hogan can dump away the specific candidate with a record, but hold fast for someone a bunch of things for a bunch of peoples.

In 2016, the “Disclose the Aliens” contingent were backing Hillary Clinton — seemingly off of some passages of behind the scenes background color in Woodward books of the Clinton Administration. It looks as though this swing vote is ready to move to Desantis.

Grassley’s in trouble — or so a headline goes to a story that says polling having him up by a wide eight point margin. Try to find a story where none is. I suppose he may be vulnerable if a batch of Iowa voters realize he’s a doddering fossil. But then, the implications are clear after Grassley loses in November: Biden will have to announce the next day he is foregoing re-election.

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