…the show lasted, like, three years and only one and a half were any good

As hamhanded as any number of episodes in Star Trek, the latest program apparently has series history with WW3 beginning with the events of January 6. Some fallout from some audiences (I learned in a random youtube clip from someone or other outraged, wanting to draw attention to the senility of aged president Biden instead) who, the type last I checked never saved any whales after watching Star Trek 4, and I vaguely may agree if I cared enough in the “guilty of a kind of forced presentism” … but I can refrain from any real admonishment until such time as the reference in Star Trek 8 (the movie with the borg) where Picard where he name checks a few monstrous dictators in history “it would be Napoleon, or Hitler, or —-” –

And it is entirely possible I have the wrong movie…

receives a George Lucas style re-editing so the third fictional somewhere in the future name would now be retrofitted Trump. It is then that the ham handed creators of the Trek universe would have gone too far.

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