Sounds like even more fun

I suppose when the political fallout produces the politicians in power for the thing to pass, the Democrats can expand the Supreme Court to 15. Of course, this will just spur the Republicans to expand the Court to 49 when they gain power. But that is easily solved by expanding the court to 99 once the partisan political swing comes once more.

There may be a problem popping up in the now barren appeals courts, seeing as everyone has been plucked up to the expanded Supreme Court. But this may just be a silver lining for whoever happens to be the party in power that just expanded the Supreme Court — all of their guys and gals have just been moved to the Supremes, leaving for the moment the lower courts the domain until the Supreme Court gets expanded next time up.

The aggressive protest by “Ruth Sent Us” on the sidewalks in front of Justices Kavanaugh and Roberts lead to an interesting new wrinkle in protest tactics — next up, anti-abortionists need to start protesting in front of the houses of the protesters against Kavanaugh and Roberts. (Somewhere in the sloganeering there is surely something about “People Power” or something, so it would be a show against Power, “talking (my) truth to power”). If this is unfair, that is all right — we have the faces of the protest protesters so can now proceed to identify and protest in front of their houses.

An interesting thought experiment comes in the future of “crisis pregnancy centers” — which are institutions that bounce around religion but people can infer Jesus when they squint at words spoken, and generally announce themselves as clearly not having abortions on their list but are blasted for somehow shadowing planned parenthood — and there we get news of a broken window and three. In the near future I suppose we can get aggressive protests that replicate in type those that exist before abortion performing clinincs. Though, that would at least require bandana mask removal — and within the mix that includes bullhorn shooters someone who approximates the more meek silent rosary refugees — I don’t know if the window breakers have that in them.

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