candid camera

Following a marketing dictum of meeting the customer / audience where they are — in virtual space one where at the start of the oughts you realize that a message board is pointless, and maybe you fumble about with a blog before not finding any monetizing technique and throwing it away so in the mid-oughts you move to a MySpace page before moving to Facebook before going to a batch of platforms — probably still facebook, but Twitter and YouTube are more useful —

Well, maybe the time will come when everyone needs a pornhub account.

A Taiwanese math expert who goes by Changhsu has found the ideal venue for teaching audiences calculus, and that venue is, of course, Pornhub. To date, the teacher has uploaded 226 videos, none of which feature anything more erotic than the smashing together of numbers. […]

Though his online presence was already solid, Changhsu started his Pornhub channel last year since, in his words, “very few people teach math on adult video platforms.”

I guess that may change sometime soon… or late.

Going to his site, I see a wide discrepancy on “thumbs up” percentages for his videos. I hasten to guess the differences between those getting 30 percentages and those getting ninety percentages.

Now that I was at pornhub scanning math tutorials, I typed “portland” into the search function — and was tossed back to … That time a top less woman walked by, and I was left speculating there was a hidden camera. For pretty good reason as — yep! There she is, with a bunch of videos posted at pornhub — probably elsewhere too. Clicking about a couple of this exhibitionist salesjob, I half think I recognize someone walking by — but he resembles any number of people so this is only a “half think”. I imagine if you look through enough of this — I guess it is not actually porn — you may find me, or someone you know — never given permission — at pornhub.

A little weird that I accurately the set-up.

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