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All Kinds of amusing. The ideology of forged opposition — against all ramifications of a, quote -inquire “Deep State”, gets the Trump Conspiratorial minded frontline rearguard fighters in legal strategy trouble. The dilemma may be, though, that it hardly matters. You fight on a higher plane than your public defenders’ quest to spring you from jail — that higher plane that will notice judicial chicanery — Enter the the Gold Fringe flag defense or declarations of sovereign citizens.

At best there may be someone there as smart as Ammon Bundy in understanding nuances of sympathies in dealing with a jury. Though, precisely how you maneuver from his “Sadesbrush Rebellion” trope to their keeping divisive partisan control, I can not say. In the days of their Mahueur stand-off, I read them or some spokesperson from them interviewed arguing a cross -ideological “everyone mad” motif at central power. Makes some sense in a world where these right wing activists are not tied to one political party of power (move on to a surreal and grating to some observers post verdict shared lunch with some blm activists) — but here, a jury pool runs right up against the reality that the self defender is just trying to keep his guy in power.

But a self defense and guilty verdict makes for good self-matrydom… Even as they search the courtroom to see if it happens to be waving the gold fringe.

More amusement follows when you cram them together to… Explore the dilemmas of the gold fringes.

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