The lack of mask-wearing at the Met Gala.

Biden appoints “Big Almond” executive for trade negotiator job, Pet Causes worth Pet causing as almonds sucking up an insane amount of water in drought a plagued California.

Larry Elder — not a fun co-worker.

In defense of the California voters questioned by the Jimmy Kimmel Show for comedy — for all it mattered, Ted Lasso, Pat Sajak and Jeffrey Epstein may as well have been three of the also runs on the ballot.

Behind the Scenes of Bill Clinton’s DOMA signing.

In defense of Trump over Milley — since when was President Trump ever trigger happy?

Attending the closing of the Accidental Wendy’s of Washington DC.

Funny thing about the crowingly covered “right wing conspiracy rally collapses under right wing conspiracies” — as I have noted to myself in seeing various conspiracy influencers demur and urge not to go — they just may be right in the “honeypot” premise. ” Just because you’re paranoid…”




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