catching up with 2006’s person of the year

In 2006 Time magazine named “You” their “Person of the Year”, you being content creator for crazy YouTube viral videos — basically. Given that the ” Bank of America” middle manager who belted out a version of U2’s “One” for a celebration of financial corporation mergers and “choice” in what sports franchise to put on your credit card came from that year, that means he is right in the center of the storm and more of whom Time magazine had in mind for their emblematic person than anyone else.

The Lyrics analyzer focuses on the misdeeds of the financial sectors and coming “Great Recession”, that question ” just what are these ‘higher standards’ he speaks of?” And with that one can assume the story in complete — Middle manager writes obnoxious song that counteracts U2’s message, and we can now remark on corporate culture and perfidy — and comment on the names of bosses cited in the song leaving as the crap hit the fan.

But apparently in “Where are they now” category the story did not end there. Sometime after, the singer went on to found a youth sports video company, from which he formed personal relationships with under aged athletes, and so ended up arrested on charges of sexual abuse of minors.

A sign of the fleeting-ness of this type of fame, the news articles on his arrest do not mention that he was a big viral sensation. And that lyric analyzer is not updated, getting left behind in the aftershocks of the Great Recession. But, at any rate, anyone doing a “where are they now”, you now know, and if you are arranging A big kooky project full of past viral all-stars, you can cross him off your list.

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