Diane Sare Rambles Incoherently in front of Chuck Schumer

I. Robert Beltran’s Galaxy Quest

Robert Beltran speaks (or rather tweets) on his Larouche work, endorsing the narration on “1932”. 8 responders greet the anticipation of watching this not-much seen Beltran work, Beltran chirps in with — Don’t forget, it’s never the average citizen but the Governments of countries that cast a bad light on themselves. History exonerates the average citizen in all countries as generally honorable though often long-suffering. I’m glad you liked it. It’s a very thorough history.

Attitudes sway with anti-British biases amongst these twitterers — and an initial positive view gets dragged down.

A. Awesome!! This is wonderful. Thank you, Torri. Congratulations, Robert. Knew nothing about this. Love your voice.Of course, it shows Britain in a very bad light. I’ve done voice-over work, too. It’s fun!
B. I’m sorry, Robert, but seeing more of it, I did not like it. At all. [Marxist Lyndon LaRouche ~ Criminal investigations led to convictions of several LaRouche movement members, including LaRouche himself. He was sentenced to fifteen years imprisonment.]
C. Britain is responsible for the assassination of Lincoln, the 1st World War? Soon they’ll be telling us that Britain started the 2nd World War!! Absolute nonsense.

And a common problem is exposed — should have watched more than five minutes — with apologies: Oh dear, I feel an argument coming. I didn’t watch past 5mins (no time). Is it too late for disclaimers? If not… *The creators of Beltrivia only convey info. They are not responsible for it’s accuracy nor any relationship problems arising from it. Partake at your own risk.

Elsewhere, we see Repercussions for any Voyager reunion thrown out: Did Beltran stop being a Lyndon LaRouche democrat? ‘Cause that will be uncomfortable. You set politics aside and act professionally, but there do seem to be other personal – (indeed, political of a sort) differences and grudges with that show — both Beltran and Garret Wang not thinking their characters were fleshed out well, and a gnashing of teeth resentment that the ex-Borg character Seven of Nine was a salacious sexualized desperate grasp for ratings.

II. Ed Asner — enemy to friend

In other celebrity tidbits — the passing on of Ed Asher sparks a tweet from Daniel Burke, A tribute to a celebrity who walked in and around the Larouche organization a couple of times — just enough for the movements to be at the ready to lob a memorial where these few tidbits of off-kilter doings become a focus of his career. It is worth plucking about to find how much he dived in and when — From the heady days of March 2004.

In more practical, current terms, LaRouche and his people had proven their stripes to the Democratic cause by printing up and distributing 500,000 copies of a magazine entitled “Who Robbed California?” which purported to tell the story of the energy deregulation disaster in California and their claim that Schwarzenegger’s rise was part of a conspiracy tied into that. . Things were fairly routine until Hollywood liberal legend Ed Asner walked into the room and sat down in front of me. It was my turn to pounce, and Ed’s turn to look stunned.
“I just [came] because I had heard contradicting rumors of him and had dismissed him because of it, but I found him very enjoyable,” said Asner. “Everything I’ve heard from him is in the progressive agenda that I entertain.
“All too often Democrats play go-along to get-along, and LaRouche shows that it’s more than the head of the pimple that’s gotta be squeezed,” Asner continued. “I support Kucinich really, and I can’t make a judgment on the time LaRouche spent [in jail] because he will not be the first person to be placed there and silenced that way in America. I am certainly aware that he is controversial, but in this case, that attracts me because I tend to be seen as controversial in the same way.”

As opposed to 1986 —

During the question-and-answer period after his talk, Asner fielded questions about President Reagan’s popularity, ecology, Central America and Lyndon LaRouche (“I’m delighted that the LaRouchies were exposed. Now when people see smart asses in the airport with signs saying ‘Nuke Jane Fonda,’ theyknow who they are.”)

Those would be the days Harley Schlanger is seen eulogizing as “taking A brave stance against South American Dirty War” (Say, what was Larouche’s stance on Reagan foreign policy right then?), insinuating a soft blacklist keeping him from big roles (Uh huh) — I suppose we get there the glad-handling reason for enticing Robert Beltran in with an allegorical play on McCarthyism.


Kesha Rogers throwing it down for LPAC; John McCarthy throwing it down for LORG. Um? He wanted you to try to change Trumpers into something better, not to turn into one. Actually, his handlers just wanted their money. He, meantime, took engrandizement where he could find it.
And then JM brings in the big insult: It’s like instead of following the real life LaRouche, you guys are following the cartoon villain version that Dennis King made up. BURN!!!
JM fails to take note — Sweetbaby Jane is with LPAC, not LORG.
And I guess this version of Larouche is with LPAC.

Outsider opines disappointing that the LaRouche movement is just seemingly all MAGA now. we need a new type of innocuous crank

Hm. did you know that big pro china parade a few years back that was shadowed by the falun dafa counterparade was all sponsored by epoch times? insane. the larouche people had a presence there too
Which faction of Larouche people? We see here load moving the way of an anti-China stance.
actually saw some larouche ppl outside the other week lol
i haven’t seen a larouche street theater thing in a while. sad!!
That last word/insult dips at LPAC, moreso LoRG.

LPAC lobs a missile at Daniel Burke. “Apocalypsis Apocalypseos” trolls by dumping the space program element and answering further with bombast.

LPAC’s two items of contention with Burke, Burke notably reigning to remain above the squabbling lpacers.:
I. If the green new deal was designed to block the BRI, why is it being pushed on the United States (which isn’t participating in the BRI)? Sounds like you’re spinning things to conform to a certain narrative.

2. We’re trying to get clarification about @Burke4Senate’s views (then you jumped in). He recently asserted @larouchepac is “heartless people who spit on LaRouche,” so we’re interested in understanding the axiomatic background to @Burke4Senate’s beliefs.

LPAC: It’s our view that the BRI can become an important part of Lyndon LaRouche’s vision for a New Bretton Woods, his World Land-Bridge, and a Moon-Mars space colonization program (as Mr LaRouche presented in 2009).
Ap Ap: Bring it on!
LPAC: Yes, but situated from the perspective of a space colonization program, as Mr. LaRouche outlined in 2009,
Ap Ap: Let’s get Afghanistan into CPEC on Earth first!
LPAC: Why back away from Mr. LaRouche’s vision for the Bering Strait, the World Land-Bridge, and a Moon-Mars program?
Ap Ap: Not backing away, just prioritizing human life and stability in Central Asia. Do you not agree that CPEC should be extended into Afghanistan?
LPAC: Is the Green New Deal is designed to block the Belt and Road Initiative?
Ap Ap: This conversation is over if you don’t reply to MY QUESTION.
LPAC: We started this exchange by asking @Burke4Senate a simple question, which he hasn’t been able to answer. Who are you?
Ap Ap: Doesn’t matter who I am. Now fuck off if you can’t answer my question!
LPAC: “Your question” was a reply to our question (which wasn’t answered), so we don’t see the need for such rage.
Ap Ap: Unfollowed. Do you fucking hate humanity? Freak!
LPAC: Rage is not a good emotion. Does @Burke4Senate (or @TonySalami3 on his behalf) have any response to the initial simple question?
Ap Ap: Don’t fucking lecture me on fucking rage! You hate the Afghan people you fucking douchebag Satanist!

Ap AP continues on to assert his Larouchian bonafides by quoting some early Larouche 9/11 Truthism in conflating with conjectures on Biden’s whereabouts at the time.

The other part of this tweet tree slides into this … “Discussion?” … leading off to Tony Salami’s curious “The answer should be obvious, Benjamin.” And “I dont know nuthin bout that, but calling trump people overweight out of shape smoking alcoholics is pretty Heartless imo” — A tad disingenuous in its cropping and decontextualizing — the Michael Steger clip in question, and so goes the new game of LPAC v LORG.

This is either LORG fighting falun gong or LPAC complementing such — (as the Australian outlets provides the Chinese government such material as this.)

So, LORGsters and LPACers… Where are we with this?: disappointing that the LaRouche movement is just seemingly all MAGA now. we need a new type of innocuous crank.

Who would have thought that there would be LaRouche revisionists after his death. Sure. Sure. They even have UN representatives, apparently — Richard A. Black, the Schiller Institute’s representative at the United Nations.

LORG is reaching out to Harmid Karzai and Abdullah Abdullah, Real Power brokers in a new Taliban Afghanistan world are they. And, you know, yes, this is a joke — President Biden is implementing Lyndon Hermyle LaRouche Jr.’s New Paradigm to defeat the British Empire and usher in a new golden age of the American System. Space lasers next on the agenda. — but it does strangely follow the progression from what we do see out of EIR — the headline “Biden Gives Passionate Anti-War Speech on ‘Ending an Era’”.

Well, they are Not Alex Jones… We see shifts in political posturing all about, and maybe a schism growth between lpac and lorg…

R Cam shares this thought: I feel bad for Alex Jones, he’s one of the most psyopped people in the entire world, personally, manipulated by tons of intelligence agencies for his audience– but somehow– the Spirit of Truth, not the literal truth content of speech, comes through it all. (…) Larouche is similar– also one of the most manipulated people by intelligence agencies– but Larouche got more over on them than Alex Jones ever has– Tragedy/Farce is the Larouche/Jones relation.

Infowars offers up the question What Should The Rhetorical Merger of Trump & Biden Be Called? suggesting an offramp from supporting Trump, even as Jones sticks to the right wing of electoral politics. Laroucheland gets weirder still — and the chasm in the schism gets larger. Harley Schlanger, representing LORG, editorialized against Tony Blair and the British Parliament’s withering criticism on Biden for his withdrawal from Afghanistan as representing an attack on “the Presidential System” — placing them above domestic neoconservatives due to their Britishness–, moving LORG into a posture of support for the Biden Administration. (Similar to the interim before Obama took office, supporting a “Presidential system” and suggesting “advisors in talk”). Interestingly, this defense moves on to former Governor Cuomo and California Governor Gavin Newsom. Compare that to LPAC, who continues to back the recallTech / Malthusian Complex or thereabouts would be defeated, asking “Will the California Recall Election be the Turning Point for our Republic?”

I take it this guy goes with LPAC — Lyndon LaRouche – A champion against the hidden actions of our own Government. FBI applies its insurgency in Lyndon LaRouche, now they are relocated to Germany and become the propagandists for the Empire. Do you see how it happens?

IV. Can the Diane Sare Senate Campaign Recover?

Diane Sare says a batch of incoherent comments to Chuck Schumer, who waves her aside to continue his platitudous speech. She then wanders around tge room, speaking loudly so someone — anyone — will hear her claim that she shoukd be the one talking, darneditall. Very much the debacle. An attempted recovery comes with her on her Facebook page,

There isn’t even anything there that can be used for trolls like this tweet on the Alexandria Ocasio Cortez encounter. Oh well. Maybe Diane Dare will up her game the next time she can get into A room with Schumer.

Meanwhile, over in Texas, and now over with LPAC, lying in wait is the attempt to place Allen West with Kesha Rogers. (A tad forced.). Actually, weirdly enough — Rogers is still A Safe Facebook friend — but in the good old days when they were slate-mates.

Meanwhile in Germany, the Buso Party in Germany continues to make waves:

of all the things abt american politics tht could be replicated abroad, larouchies has got to be the most galaxy-brained shit imaginable
lest the campaign poster seem to suggest these are reasonable folks, I’ll note tht the party head is a holocaust denier, and the party thinks climate change is an energy industry hoax meant to increase fuel prices. oh, the party leader is also still mad abt the treaty of versailles
was hoping it was going to have a really bizarre reasoning for happening there rather than “his widow moved there”
oh, no, she was german originally, so she just moved back… which I think actually does make it weirder than if she just moved here
came over here to marinate in the crazy for a few decades first
like the aging of whiskey in a wine barrel, marinating the german crazy in some american crazy
Im really hung up on the fact that she’s still very angry abt the treaty of versailles, thts true galaxy brain stuff
that just seems like a nazi thing to me?
its just not something tht is tht often brought up as a grievance anymore, the holocaust & partition provide so much grist its almost quaint to get upset abt versailles!

(Well, Buso has more visibility than the nazis.)

V. Memories

One time I was being solicited aggressively by a LaRouche (I think) political canvasser and I stuck out my arm like a running back warding off a tackle and yelled “Personal space! PERSONAL SPACE!!!” at him. It’s all you can do.

Seeing BUSO sign: Ouch, do these LaRouche disciples still exist? I can remember that 25 years ago when I was a schoolboy I argued in the ground … My first room in a shared flat in #Wiesbaden: In our house on the second floor right: The LaRouche disciples, first floor left: the KBW sect Under the roof an artist couple with 2 cats and opposite a GI couple, the drove to the US Army in riot gear every morning. And we are right in the middle.

I once got cornered by a candidate for this German party during the 2005 election and yes, they really do think this way. And talk about it at considerable length. What you need to know is they were founded by Helga LaRouche. Yes, that one. (Indeed).

The case against club entryism. I’m old enough to remember when we had followers of LaRouche in the 80s elected to the Alameda County DCC from the Tri-Valley. So yes I guess I’m revealing a “club” bias and at the same time I agree whether “dues-paying” is necessary or not, it is not sufficient…

biggest regret I have from this trip was not getting a picture of a billboard for larouche in south dakota

I’ll never forget the LaRouche guy I talked to in Munich in 2003. I asked him why he was tabling for LaRouche in Munich, Germany in 2003 & he asked me what the hell am I doing to change the world, which, fair enough, but I still can’t fathom what he was trying to accomplish. He was hoping to convince the Munich Symphony Orchestra to adopt scientific pitch . (LPAC does not answer: Does your organization have an official stance on Schoenberg’s twelve-tone serialism? Was it a positive or a negative influence on Western music?)

I was borderline stalked by some larouche cult group, they creeped me out, total sketch balls.

For the first election I could vote in, I wanted to research the candidates, and the only choices were a Republican and a LaRouche Democrat. I guess the local democrats were sick of “London banking interests”

My first chance to vote for president was Reagan or Mondale, so I voted for LaRouche because anarchy seemed reasonable at the time. Now, I’m a Blue Shirt Democrat, for the good of us all.

It spells real trouble to have a point of view like that. I had a guy walk up to me at the polls years ago talking all about socialism and human rights blah blah and ended up asking me for my support of Lyndon Larouche. I said don’t you ever try that on me again.

When I started at a Law office in the early 00’s somebody there still got Lyndon LaRouche’s newsletter delivered. Regardless of tech, eccentric and mostly wrong America is the best, and the only one I wanna live in.

Just searched my email for “coburg” and noticed I’ve been getting weekly emails from the Australian Citzens Party (formerly CEC) for more than 15 years now

I’m digressing here, but the Space Laser thing reminds me of back in the ’80s. In Houston’s Hobby Airport, I was accosted by Lyndon LaRouche supporters wanting me to sign a petition to use Reagan’s “Star Wars” program to zap Jane Fonda with gamma rays from space.

Not a historian, but in 1978 my college roommate’s brother, a follower of Lyndon LaRouche, sent us a pamphlet that said after Ben Franklin, dark forces had taken over and corrupted American Leaders iirc the dark forces were Rosicrucians or masons or something like that

Before she passed, my Grandmother “gave” thousands of dollars to the Lyndon LaRouche cult. Same thing. She was just starting to be stricken with Alzheimer’s.

The first “Free thinker” I met in college, decades ago, called himself that because he was a Holocaust denier and Lyndon LaRouche supporter. Subsequent encounters with those who describe themselves that way have done nothing to assuage my initial revulsion.

When I first came to the US in 1992 a group of Lyndon Larouche supporters harangued me on issues of global politics. Interesting characters.

Every time I see this I have flashbacks to the LaRouchies running around Chicago in their rusted out GMC truck, shouting catchphrases through the speaker they stuck on the roof. Same vibe.

Stuck in traffic on the turnpike while my dad tells me all about how LaRouche was a fave figure amongst the late 80s Romanian recent arrivals (for all the worst reasons.)

Learning the source of stray “Newton was afraid put up by British”comments. they tried to recruit me at the DFL convention in Rochester Mn in the late 00’s. i was like, your whole thing is built around one guy. they assured me “LaRouche Youth Cadres” would resolve this. i found it a strange analogue only could compare to scientology?

The LaRouchies still leave a faint bitter taste in my mouth because one of the most all-around unpleasant political conversations I’ve ever had was with one of their evangelists at a table in front of Reading Terminal Market in 2007. She was a sneering asshole bc I disagreed.

VI. Historical Notes

No one has put the Morton Downey Jr appearance up on youtube.

How about the Lyndon LaRouche organization? One of its officers, Harley Schlanger, may have conspired with Roger Stone, Julian Assange and the GRU in early 2016 regarding the hacking of the DNC’s and Podesta’s emails and/or the distribution of them through Wikileaks.

A lawsuit that involved Larouche figures in a lawsuit involving Alex Jones
According to Bidgood’s memorandum of support, courts in Virginia recognize a qualified journalist’s privilege rooted in the First Amendment. Citing in part the LaRouche v. NBC case, Bidgood’s counsel wrote that, unless overcome, that privilege protects reporters from being compelled to disclose information obtained in the course of their newsgathering.

L. Fletcher Prouty (JFK leaker who later on kinda went off the deep end into holocaust denial among other fringe shit) Near the end of his life he did stuff for the LaRouche crowd claiming oil is like, the supernatural blood of the earth

cool poster, though” if nothing else good about the 1986 Norway scene.

Question 29: Lyndon larouche laid the blueprint for how a lot of ppl are fucking insane today. AND. The funny thing about LaRouche is that he used to be a Trotskyist management consultant, kind of like how David Icke was a pretty normal sports guy who got active for the Green Party. But Icke had a mental breakdown whereas LaRouche set up a sect because of his enormous ego. AND. 29. I actually have sort-of-family that are huge LaRouchies. It’s interesting because they haven’t hopped onto any QAnon stuff. I think their iteration of it (the classic 80s stuff) was too integrated with New Deal imaginaries to be transferrable

An anti-vaxxer citing Larouche’s PANIC initiative on where the policies lead — perhaps picking up from Max Blumenthal.

Lol remember when Lyndon LaRouche died and his ppl announced it but nobody believed it because nobody ever believed them even when they were spot on? Good times!

My motto for the record I’m currently working on is “less thinking, more doing,” and so of course I’m trying to write a song narrated by a member of the Larouche Movement in Berkeley CA during the Marble Cone fire of 1977

And what is he claiming this means? TIL Lyndon LaRouche got over 40,000 votes (13.5%) in the 1996 WV Democratic primary against a popular incumbent who won the state in the general election twice. For comparison in 2020 Bernie Sanders got 22,670 votes while coming in 2nd in the WV Democratic primary (The 1996 delegate fight rememebered.)

Giving Larouche too much credit for incubating Climate change denial / rejection. Too much money at stake that energy concerns will always be able to find and fund someone to find the evidence to support their concern. That one or two bounce in to get published by 21st Century SciTec is immaterial.

I could assemble my thoughts on Bill Clinton and Lewinsky and that sordid affair, but I do not know how much it is ultimately worth. Here it is enough to stare at what the thrashing of Larouche conspiracy theories does to any argument, and point out the inconsistencies arrived at as the movement turns away from the Clintons after 2008 and moves to Trump.

VII. Reliving the 9/11 Truth Glory Days.

Revving up to commemorate 9/11, LORG is giving us a renewal of their glory days of 9/11 Truth. Never ceasing to remind everyone that he was there on the John Stockwell Show, blaming the Jews before anyone else (as The Brits are responsible for all the wars), and trying to get his dibs in. He had his effects.

Now Daniel Burke leads the charge to dump litter all over Manhattan.

And what’s this? A 9/11 Truther comes on and disses Burke and the “Establishment”arians making up the Larouche Org over these past two decades?

Aunt BB: Every anniversary, 9/11 disinfo, especially LIHOP, is paraded in public to distract from the inside job to smear Muslims & Islam. This former candidate for “selected” office is nothing but an establishment tool & business asset. See here.
Daniel Burke: If you disagree with the 9/11 families, just say so. They were “selected” in a different way.
Aunt BB: You & other establishment ghouls emotionally manipulate & exploit 9/11 families out of self-interest. Care to tell the truth about PNAC, or is all your info from MSM propaganda rags?
You’re just an establishment tool who perpetuates the War OF Terror myth that Muslims carried out the 9/11 attacks. Israel loves you for it. Part of the West & Israel’s strategy of tension to distract from their own war crimes.
You have an establishment blue-check Twitter account. That means your business disinfo is corporate-approved.
ApAp: (link to Burke tweet)
Aunt BB: Trump’s constructive policies”? Building up NATO against Russia, CIA NGO color revolution in Hong Kong & doing everything in Israel’s interests in Mideast? PNAC was at the core of 9/11, the West’s War OF Terror against Russia & China. He blames KSA & is full of shit.
Ap Ap: He doesn’t blame KSA. Who created KSA? British oligarchs created: ‘too big to fail’ banks oil projects of Saudi Arabia and Israel + justified bombing of Iraq. Cold War fake Russiagate Steele dossier CFR takeover of American Foreign Policy
Ap Ap: British tentacles are all over KSA. KSA is occupied and fighting for sovereignty.
Aunt BB: Business interests, dumbass, not “British.” Greed has no identity.
Jason Ross: Here’s what they had to say about Biden’s executive order on declassification, announced today: declassification story.
Aunt BB: Declassification” of FBI BS to distract from the truth. You’re full of shit.
All the LaRouche assets are coming out to promote establishment 9/11 LIHOP disinfo that Saudis are responsible for the false-flag terrorist attacks.

VIII. Who is getting called Larouche as an insult?

AOC. Tucker Carlson. WSWS. Bernie fans. Trump’s campaign solicitation techniques. Caleb Maupin, position shifting through time. Mike Lindell. Rand Paul. The People’s Party. Andrew Yang. Kevin Paffrath (bug up his butt on this one.). Nick Land. Aimee Terese. Spike Lee. Anti- Trump Republicans.

Then there are those expressions of sarcasm against various incredulous sources of information, parsing disinformation content. Witness: Sure, but alternatively Lyndon LaRouche came back from the dead and told me Russia didn’t do it. Whosoever ought I believe?

Caleb Maupin defends himself from the blasting of accusation — involved in an Operation Mop-up of his own? (Nay, tangled relations.)

On side note, apparently Larouche’s followers used to show up to meetings of the CPUSA and other similar groups and best the sh-t out of them with nun-chucks….so based, I guess?

In the end, the problem with peering at Caleb Maupin’s current battles with “the left” as represented by orbits to the Communist Party lies in and “what a metaphor!”, Every day we voluntarily stand in front of that dude with the Lyndon Larouche table near Locust Walk and think he represents the zeitgeist.

IX. Overviewing

At last — an explanation as good as any: Lyndon LaRouche was investigating a secret tunnel being built by the Chinese that would connect Carmel to Beijing, but the CCP hit him with the microwave gun before he could share his findings with the world. Originally the CCP tried to give him headaches and a sense of gnawing ennui with the microwave gun, but unfortunately they set it to the Verdi Pitch which overloaded LaRouche’s system and led to his death.

Another explanation, translated: Yes, the “rock-sex-and-drug counterculture” has been a thorn in the side of the LaRouchies for years, they see it as a trick of the Aristotelian world conspiracy (including London high finance) to destroy people’s souls. According to the LaRouchies, a gender of capable, decent, short-haired model pupil is supposed to conquer the solar system with nuclear spaceship engines and read Friedrich Schiller and listen to Beethoven. Newton, Darwin and Bertrand Russell in particular are a thorn in their side. “Good”, on the other hand, are generally Germans and Italians who produced works that Lyndon liked in terms of content and style, especially those from the orbit of the Florentine Renaissance … and the Weimar Classic. Nikolaus von Kues, Moses Mendelssohn, FrIEdrIch ScHILLeR, Kepler, Leibniz, Beethoven, as well as the various German alpha males with rocket propulsion (von Oberth, von Braun, Krafft Ehricke) are a kind of waifus of the LaRouchies. Meitner too, although they * have to * like them, since their body-and-stomach technique would not exist without the discovery of nuclear fission. Noether does not appear at all, I suspect, simply because their work overwhelmed Lyndon in terms of content and mathematics. They are comparatively cautious with anti-Semitism, it always goes against “high finance” without ethnic implications. Fritz Haber cannot excommunicate them because the Haber-Bosch process appears in their technical visions. Moses Mendelssohn is also one of the good guys. It depends on how you define “done”. If you mean: Has built a mini-empire around itself from fanatical supporters, with its own publishing houses, congresses and a kind of private secret service, then: yes, it has achieved something. Unfortunately, the LaRouchies never commented on anime. You are never lazy about bashing modern pop culture products – especially video games and electronic music; Even inline skaters were certified by Helga Z. LR that they would “whiz through the landscape mindlessly” … And Plato was many things, but not a champion of democracy, as the LaRouchies seem to think.

Wikipedia now has Lyndon Larouche categorized as “American convicted criminal”. Under Political Party it marks his first one — ” Socialist Workers Party”. The first sentence too gets a tad of an eyebrow rise.

May be a better analysis here: Trotskyist Marxist who swallowed the J-pill and took a hard turn toward Logos. Always remained Machiavellian however. ‘White Sphere’ luciferian. Life goal was to reverse engineer marxian producerist econ out of American and German intellectual toolkit 1/

Society if we listened to Lyndon LaRouche 40 years ago.

Conspicuously unanswered: LaRouche PAC has not responded to my question about Schoenberg. I’m beginning to think they don’t really know that much about music.

My motto for the record I’m currently working on is “less thinking, more doing,” and so of course I’m trying to write a song narrated by a member of the Larouche Movement in Berkeley CA during the Marble Cone fire of 1977

X. Another Podcast Overview, Part Two you have to pay for so I do not know — maybe it’s revolutionary and kicks Part One’s butt — but Part one is available free

True Anon Podcast gives us their breakdown of the cult. They blatter on for a tad too long at the beginning, but it is worth a listen.

TrueAnon pod LaRouche hated Paul Sweezy so fuckin much; he also periodically accuses medium-named Trotskyists in the U.K. of being MI6 agents out to ice him. Mostly for time we had to go the route of talking about his mafia etc stuff but he was a god when talking about socialists

I hope there is a Lyndon LaRouche biopic starring John Lithgow, directed by Terry Zwigoff and written by Werner Herzog

I found the paper for the Australian Larouchites being given away at a Tasmanian fish and chips shop. The writing style was very reminiscent of the Healyites that I spent a few months with in the mid 80s.

NB selling his book.

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