Noting that this school shooting woulda been faculty lead — possible trend point?

Litigation or Statement of separation — how different major museums deal with Pornhub’s virtual nude art tour.

— in theory, that may be something Fiora Gill is reaching toward, but overall I gauge there are no good designs lead throughs from such fleeting thought bursts.

on the Ohio primary lost by Nina Turner Most people worry about millennials and Gen Z marching off to the right, but the real threat is that the party’s septuagenarian leadership maintains its grip on Democratic Party policies indefinitely and leads radical younger voters to form a credible progressive alternative. Is that right?

Nina Turner was the Establishment, lost to an Insurgency.

Mark Levin leads Biden Impeachment push.

tweeting does not Require a Master’s Degree“.

Heather Bresch. — daughter of Joe Manchin — and a closed pharmeceutical plant.




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