Neutral, but scoping out the landscape

At least in theory your problem with a thing like Citizens United is ideological, not partisan. If Big Money is siding with Democrats over Republicans it doesn’t much matter — as it holds the keys of leverage for policy goal, skews policy outcomes at the expense of… er… “Little Money”.

Squabbling over the “Religious Exemption Menace”, I do have to point out — well, this is why ” The Religious Right” and onto I guess not necessarily “Right” but Religious voted for that guy Trump. All very transactional, even though the great media focus moves over to an analysis on how the qanon Trump believers steps out of Protestant belief system. But now with a Republican president who was the first president to come into office in support of gay marriage, and them the last holdouts in that regard, at least their charities — entangled as everything is to public coffers — won’t have to put orphans in with two dudes or two chicks — and at least their bakeries — entangled though they may be as everything is in publically licensed space — won’t have to place two grooms or two brides atop their wedding cakes.

An element of Swiss cheese is the offing. All major transnational corporations wave the Rainbow flag through June, and pummel it in national media. But a booming business continues with a small-town bakery that is the monopoly in that town. When I was living for a handful of months in small twn Eastern Washington a few years’ back, I mused over this dichotomy: an outrage by national liberal pundits over “crisis pregnancy centers” and a characterization of them as dishonest fronts — and constant andonyne advertisements for a couple that suggested something other than evil. Currently the big story round them parts is a city council decision to wave the Rainbow flag — the line of argument is a reasonable one (if only I thought these opponents did practice a baseline “Tolerance” here) of “Right there with the American flag?”. The local tv newscaster turned conservative talk radio host — using a frame of “choice” for “sexual lifestyle”) brings out the ” Would you want to see the coiled snake flag wave?” It does strike me that the local tv newscaster turned conservative radio host would get some agreement the more radical faction within the LGBT etc community (who are apt to alter the letter formation to focus on their identities) perceiving everyone everywhere as co-op ting and “quest washing”, but this strikes me as something from a point of privilege — how can you argue such in a conservative community whose government is waving that damned flag?

Headlines of the day see Justice Breyer — Retire — Now. Yeah, well — shoulda gotten to Ginsburg, shouldn’t you have? Actually, per that National Review article slightly scratching their head on the idea of a single 18 year term for Supreme Court justices — which is my personal ideal as opposed to all the other progressive “reforms” — the nakedly unseamlines of the calls in conflict with the accuracy of the logic really is the reason for the single 18 year term idea. (To be sure, it pales in unseamliness to confirming a justice fifteen minutes after Ginsberg’s death, and after denying the final Obama year confirmation of Garland.)

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