a history of the Jewish vote from Wilson to Biden.

Republic of Sarah fails to have any real allegories.

Against federal funding of The Arts.

The ‘Tony Fauci greatest mass murderer in history’ line presents the problem of conspiratorial wackjobs like Alex Jones — anything even vaguely resembling legitimate criticism of Faucci gand covid response gets smashed away by this.

On The Onion’s “Graduation speech tips: Consider keeping it short, as you have no life experience and no goddamn idea what the fuck you’re talking about — oddly probably not referencing that much celebrated pro-choice message speech.

Bill Maher on how, yes, things have improved. I will note that the corporate imaging of gayness does get a ” harumph” from a faction of lgbtqiasetcetc crew, but then that may land on part of Maher’s point.

now a bipartisan trouble. We see some loaded accusatory framing for educational policy where you shuffle between two sides but not for the purpose of splitting a difference — you view two sides who for the sake of the future — NEED TO LOSE.

I am always interested in creations of sorta unfashionable alternativev”cannons” — and here Donald Barthelme sounds like an interesting author.




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