What Facebook Did during that Chauvin’s Trial Should Happen All the Time.

Trump was right. Post office politics.

The National Review’s sarcastic response to one line regarding the police shooting at the knife fight.

Iraq tries its ‘Candid Camera’ type program with fake ISIS kidnappings.

The Dishonest Trans Women in Sports Debate … The case for not giving a damned, or Since when does the Right give a damned about women’s sports?

Self parody, right? Infowars has an uber patriotic “Star Spangled Banner” display. Parker and Stone directed it, right? Maybe something mocking Bush era political posturing on the old Colbert Report?

Dorthy is going to be retoactively drinking cold refreshing cans of Coca Cola.

Dissecting that “Anglo Saxxon Caucus” of Marjorie Taylor Greene.

On that coming Caitlyn Jenner gubernatorial run. Should shake up the electorate make-up, right? (Worth pointing out, if elected succesdfully spiting some liberal triumphantalism, Jenner would’s election against a Michelle Goldberg thesis of “could never be a female Andrew Yang“.

The attempt to frame for Andrew Yang “Billy Bush” “locker room talk” moment in bloom… Comments tear it apart.




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