the big Daniel Burke / Jack Posobeic twitter splat

Daniel Burke throwing it down, calling out famed Internet twitterer alt right adjacent guy I have never heard of Jack Posobeic … for claim of the Trump legacy… Or maybe fighting him on behalf of the integrity of the government of China… these them fighting words
Jack Posobiec wants you to think that Davos is a city in China.
Oh wow. How can Jack Posobeic tecover from this assault on … Boogeyman political reference points? Well…
Is he playing dumb, or does he really not understand the implication?
I don’t even know what this means
Wow. Daniel Burke could not in a million years have expected that response. Is it a zinger? Is it a slap? What exactly is it? Burke will have to work that out hisownself.
The rabble jump all over the place.
I heard Lyndon LaRouche is actually Q
Imagine thinking this is a sick burn or that it even makes sense. Whoops.
Imagine tweeting this thinking it was clever
It’s not a sick burn if you have to explain it bruh

Holy cow! Taking Burke’s side, if only by convenience: No way @JackPosobiec wants his audience to start thinking about anything at all, as his entire grift is reliant on his appeal to the unthinking.
I doubt he cares one whit about Larouche politics but tgey will take thwm where theycan.
If you truly believe this, you’re quite ignorant.
I’ve been following @JackPosobiec for over a year now and he never suggested such a thing. Furthermore, I know better than to think Davos is in China.
Lol, no. He has said multiple times it’s in Switzerland and it’s the place that hosts the World Economic Forum Face with rolling eyes
What it looks like When u are trying u best to discredit an actual journalist because he exposes the truth u & the rest of the MSM have been trying to cover for-for yrs. BC for some reason from ur est tower u all still think we believe or even care what u are pushing! #MAGA
Explain that?????
Huh? Don’t get this.
LaRouchers are still around?
And this idiot is spreading misleading rhetoric. Typical douche bag politician. Can’t stand on his own merits and beliefs but needs to perform character attacks. Tear someone else down to make themselves look better. Hey Danny boy (emphasis on BOY) it ain’t working.
Putting “double” agents to shame with all that agent-ing
Jack Posobiec is a very successful political real estate agent. He lives rent free in every loser’s head. Jack is MY kind of agent.

Posobiec tosses The classic “if they’te all at me, i must be doing something right” line.
Mueller tried to call me a Russian agent
LaRouchers call me an anti-China Soros agent
Far-right calls me a Mossad agent
CNN calls me a smear agent
Neocons call me a chaos agent
All for just having my own opinions

And one more note Lyndon Larouche supporters are probably the only people that accuse conservatives of supporting George Soros.

II. What is William Jones’s title?
Wait. Former???
William Jones is a Washington political analyst, former Executive Intelligence Review White House correspondent and a non-resident fellow of the Chongyang Institute for Financial Studies.
Compare it to here meaning he was and now is again?

III. Events are moving fast in the big Larouchw Civil War.
LPAC asserts its founder.
And Maybe this is why Helga hates pacs.

Cometh LORG’s cease and desist issuance on LPAC. Thrown at lpac tweets promoting links that commit the crime of …emphasizes British evil over Chinese benevolence.
LORG partisans cheer. About time. Lyn talked about a Gideon’s army, and we’ve become it.
Wonderful! Let us now get on with realizing the great potential for all of mankind that Lyndon’s life was committed to fulfilling.

So this is the official logo of tge larouche organiztion now?
LPAC partisans jump in: The only question I have for Helga is “I hope you didn’t sell out for cheap Hunter Biden got a billion”…lol

The final caller of the lorg webcast comes in with the “The Percy Shelly /Larouche paradigm will guide us against the diabolical lpac machinations” line, with the Lorger bursting forth on just what will defeat lpac and uphold Percy Shelley Larouche: a 150 volume collected works of Lyndon Larouche to be placed next to the slimmer offerings of Shelly, as too — the building of the Larouche Landbridge visible from Mars, or … Let’s see lpac compete with that!

And this is all good and well, but what is to be done about other entities that use the “Larouche” moniker? (And to avoid all confusion, you have to move on them and also prominent motorcycle clubs.

IV. The most successful vote getting Larouche politician of the twenty-first century– winner of two Democratic party nominations for a Congressional House seat and pusher of a run-off election for Senate — Kesha Rogers — stands with lpac. Meaning she has been disowned by Helga Zepp. And subject to charges from Vrench LORG partisans. So, Kesha Roers with lpac emphasizes a nationalist quote from dear deceased leader whose over whose legacy is getting fought. Mr. Bak responds asking about China, and Ben D repeats a facetious “you must be new” with introductory material to read on the exciting world of lpac’s larouche.
Kesha Rogers. About LaRouchePAC True Patriots in the fight to save our republic. Reviving the #Americansystem #physicaleconomy #crushtheempire
“Al we Americans have immediately at hand is the sleeping nationalist heritage embedded in our bones over more than twenty generations, the heritage of the eighteenth-century, worldwide American…
Benjamin Bak
And the New Silk Road of China AND Lyndon LaRouche ?
Kesha Rogers
Yes, it’s apart of the American System.
Benjamin Bak
Ok. Why the LPAC site don’t say that explicitly in your link, or in the bioagraphy of LaRouche ? Because you know Trunp is anti-China paranoïd ?
It sounds like you’re new to the work of Lyndon LaRouche, glad to see you’re interested in learning more. Check out our introduction to Mr. LaRouche’s decades-long fight for a New Bretton Woods system, and how a New Bretton Woods is still key today,
Benjamin Back
Without Helga, without Schiller Institute. This is sound lije censorship for me. I am a larouchist for thirteen years. Don’t kidding me
Ben @ LaRouche PAC
LaRouchePAC has excellent material on Mr. LaRouche’s genius work on a New Bretton Woods system, how it would operate, and what changes need to be made to the present global system. Mr. LaRouche was ahead of his time, and his work is critical today! Check it out.
Benjamin Bak
That’s what you do to Lyn and Helga. Don’t act like you don’t understand what I’m telling you
Ben @ larouchepac
Mr. LaRouche produced extensive material with LaRouchePAC, check it out! We’ve got a lot of great material to work through if you’d like to learn more about Mr. LaRouche’s New Bretton Woods program.

The Soviet “history deletion” image proferred by Mr. Bak is interesting, as we see Hwlga and LORG taking the Totskyist line and Boyd and LPAC the Stalunist dervived line — “larouche in a single country”, where lorg appears to take on the Trotsky tact.
Back in the day, after Kesha Rogers pushed the Democratic establishment to a run-off primary for Texas Senate seat — Helga Zepp Larouche trumpeted this victory amongst the Larouchoes in Germany, spotlighting a sign “Erst Kesha, dann Kascha” ( First Kesha, then Kascha)”. And now Helga has cancelled Kesha. Kesha’s victory no longer belonging to Helga, who has to find her forerunner to capturing Kadcha elsewhete.
Noting a comparison of Kesha Rogers’s vote tallies to the tepid results Diane Sare and especially Daniel Burke garner –who stand with LORG, and we await to see… Will LPAC run a candidate against Chuck Schumer and Diane Sare? Diane Sare, already making tne rounds at..
Occupy 2021. — and we watched New York Senate candidate Diane Sare—a challenger to Chuck Schumer in 2022—megaphone her platform. It was psychedelic in its leaps from subject to subject—pro-Glass-Steagall Act, anti–solar panels on Long Island, the late Lyndon LaRouche, who was perhaps the human embodiment of horseshoe theory—but I appreciated her ambition. As an aside, I noticed, in addition to the local PIX11, another camera crew from NTD covering the scene, which is, like the Trump-favoring Epoch Times, affiliated with Falun Gong. Agendas were surely afoot, but it’ll come out in the wash later.

All right. Whichever faction gives the most satisfyimg answer to this riddle wins, ok?

V. Memories
and To be fair, the extent of my urban crime fighting in Seattle is telling a couple Lyndon LaRouche minions at a card table with brochures and a poster of Obama with a Hitler mustache, “Fuck you.”
andI remember when I was in college back in 2007 there was a table of people affiliated with that guy LaRouche and they had some pictures of Obama with the Hitler stache.
Is this a “omg. Lyndon Larouce was right!”? You think being harassed by a Lyndon Larouche supporter in a parking lot forty something years ago would have prepared me better for #TheseDays
and In 2005 I was too busy arguing with Lyndon LaRouche cult members on the MySpace Democrats board to know what was going on with Brittany Spears, but I am excited to finally watch the documentary and catch up on everything.
and. Ah yes. The Lyndon LaRouche people. They were always so annoying at Hobby airport. But they were so fringe – I didn’t think such bizarre cult beliefs could grab so many ordinary people.
I was wrong.
DC Represent! Like the LaRouche nuts on DC street corners trying to prove that square roots don’t exist.
From a twitter dialouge relating to Marvel storylines, and reasons for ret-conning for purpose of keeping ages right: Yeah but part of the story kinda required her and Pietro being very young when they did the Hydra / Ultron stuff, so you could feel a bit more forgiving, like that they were basically angry college-age kids who want to protest American Imperialism being exploited, y’know?
I knew lots of similar kids in Olympia who got roped in by LaRouche and Ramtha, you know?
And it continues, rhyming… Turns out it is a drawing (with glitter) of the world, + he explains to me that the world is held up by giant swords (very glittery) and that’s how they control us. Proceeds into a rant only comparable in incoherence to getting dragooned by the LaRouche folk who tried to make me invent math, +then yelled at me for secretly using Newtonian principles. Anyway, glitter map man went to the bathroom + I ran to the metro.
(I’m also the patreon commenter w/the sketchy friend giving me Kushiel’s Dart. Maybe I couldn’t tell if it was weird bc of shit like this?)
And There was a similar map in the Larouche magazine someone dropped at every dorm in college one time. I was disappointed to find out how nuts the rest of the articles were, because I would love to ride the length of that system
hey now I made the mistake of putting LaRouche into my Twitter search and came across a free flowing sewer of swivel eyed, tin foil hat wearing Trumpist bunkem. I should have known better really.
… In recent days, likely the lpacers. The lorgers would sell you on China. Though, before recent days they’ll bothsplit thedifference.
more organization-wise for comparison — falun gong and scientology. following that trail.
Thomas Pynchon, you hack!

VI. Historical notes
A looksee at a 1986 issue of The Advocate.

One enemy passed on.
In two reports in 1984 for “First Camera,” a short-lived NBC news magazine program, Ms. Lynch maintained that Mr. LaRouche was, as she recounted in a 1985 article in The Columbia Journalism Review, “the leader of a violence-prone, anti-Semitic cult that smeared its opponents and sued its critics.”
Former LaRouchians, as they were called, told her that their leader had talked about assassinating President Jimmy Carter. After Ms. Lynch’s reports were broadcast, LaRouche adherents picketed NBC, carrying signs that said, “Lynch Pat Lynch.” She received at least one death threat, and her parents’ Long Island neighborhood was littered with fliers saying that she was running a call-girl operation from their house.
Mr. LaRouche filed a defamation suit against NBC. When a federal jury rejected his claim, NBC countersued, accusing the group of engaging in dirty tricks and impersonating Ms. Lynch to sabotage her reporting.
The jury awarded the network $3 million in damages, an amount later reduced to $258,000.
just another note into wikipedia.

VII. Across the Spectrum.
At long last, a libertarian (or ex libertarian) with any experience of Larouche coming in labeled as a libertarian.
When I first got involved with the Libertarian Party in 2012, I found a strong undercurrent of conspiracy theorism,” Weinman told me by email. “While leadership was happy to ridicule this nonsense behind closed doors, they were unwilling to confront or address it. For decades, the LP had been willing to pander to fringe movements in order to expand their membership. This is why unscrupulous grifters like Lyndon LaRouche, paleocon loons like Pat Buchanan (and frankly Ron Paul), 9/11 truthers, anti-vaxxers, and ultimately anti-Semites and bigots all took shelter under the libertarian label.”

“15 Minutes of Fascism” concerns itself with Larouche. An obituary at 12:30 which is years late and covers nothing much of interest from no terribly enlightening perspective, but worth noting.

A Word of warning to Leftwingers thrown out when Ray McGovern posts to his Larouche appearance.
Flanking left AND right. basically the same shit as libs had with trump, where he´d be agressive towards russia (canceling nuclear and space treaties from like the 60´s) and libs belive to this day the meme propagated by Lyndon LaRouche that he´s a russian puppet. Ironically commented to a clip from Tucker Carlson charging Biden and officials as being cozy with China.

VIII. Britain and Australia
British Royal jokings. And by way of Carey.
So I Married an Axe Murderer

Aussie citing.
vote tallies
Here’s one for you. Candidates who got fewer individual first-preference votes than JJR’s 34:
– Socialist Equality #2, 23 votes
– CEC #2, 19 votes
Everybody else cracked at least 40.
I always assume that any ungrouped candidate or a lower-order super-obscure micro candidate has at least 5 or 10 friends and family who go “oh yeah s/he’s a good egg” and chuck them a first pref. Beyond? I guess if it’s triple digits they might be a local pastor, councillor, etc.

One small part of a politician’s financial scandal.
One Nation has raised questions about the circumstances of Ms Holgate’s departure and the inquiry follows unsubstantiated social media speculation that she did not resign but was pushed out.
Campaigning by licensed post office operators has been fuelled by groups including the Australian Citizens Party, linked to fringe American political figure and conspiracy theorist Lyndon LaRouche.

IX. Where are they now?
Some updating on Xandros CEO Andreas Typaldos.
David P Goldman wouldn’t fit into today’s LORG. Though he references Aristotle enough that it could become a maybe. And it reads to many as though.

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