LORG flexes its muscles over LPAC, but does lpac have 2 aces up its sleeves?

I.  In one last poke in the eyes at the Larouche Movement (both of them), President Donald Trump — surely well aware of the pleas — pointedly did not pardon Julian Assange or Edward Snowden, nor “exonerate Larouche”.  He instead, in a massive rebuke to the Lyndon Larouche Movement (Lord as well as lpac), pardoned Steve Bannon — much derided in Larouchian literature — whose indictment was headlined with ” Good News for the Republic”.   Newly free Steve Bannon goes on to become  an obvious point person in any ” Trumpian Patriot Party” or movement movement, reportedly already reunited…   Surely points Trump’s side as against Daniel Burke’s fantasy.

Part of the question for Trump becomes… What’s less clear is whether he represents a major political tradition that can become persistent beyond his own active career — like, say, Peronism in Argentina — or might shrink into the kind of small and eccentric following that former Marxist Lyndon Larouche led into the right-wing fever swamps.

The question in post Trump America –  can they sell their wares to the Trump loving masses such as… This letter to the editor writer who has “China” on the brain?

With a sold-out-to-China President Biden, a Senate majority Leader Mitch McConnel married to a Chinese lady from a Chinese business family, and a Baltimore mafia family House Majority Leader Pelosi who has had a Chinese “chauffeur” for 20 years, sounds like the country will be close to, if not actually, sold to China.

On the other hand, Trump pardoned Stone — and as we see here, Stone is Trump’s Larouche connection even as Gannon is his Lenin connection.

II. Serious question: Would you rather have Lyndon LaRouche or Marjorie Taylor Greene serving in the United States Congress?
Both are horrible but only one gets the pitch A down to 432 Hz
“Whoever wins we lose” indeed
LaRouche’s schtick has more variety and staying power. Marjorie’s only got the one bit.
Lyndon could recite strange facts about classical music tuning. Marjorie, I would wager, cannot.
Only one of them is willing to stand up to the House of Windsor
I thought I would be entertained by Marjorie but unfortunately she’s looking more and more like a snuff film than the campy horror flick I had imagined.
Given Lyndon LaRouche is dead, I’d say LaRouche.

Someone must clue him in.

 So it is…  It’s like Madison Grant and David Icke and Louis Beam had a baby, and that baby grew up reading Lyndon Larouche’s laser beam theories

Marjorie Taylor Greene, at this moment  all the rage.  And James Follows raises the issue with the question — who is the Democratic Party equivalent?

My two answers are … in recent memory, Cynthia McKinney counts well enough  and that the current Congress the answer is telling of Republican Party malfunction.  In the comments here, Larry McDonald gets a mention (refer to him here because he spoke against Larouche on the Congressional floor) and then of course… There is Larouche.

A bit of irony pops up with This “boomer” insult — instigated by someone making a Larouche reference by way of insulting Marjorie Taylor Greene –in that for the past generation, “boomer” was a Larouchian insult — the better to stoke the egos of the quickly aging Larouche Youth Movement.

Another question is… Previous antecedents for qanon.  In the Obama years, an online “secret insider source” blog appeared by the name of “Ulsterman”.  One difference is that the Larouchies cited Ulsterman’s revelations where qanon was dumped on at least a few times.  One other conspiracy outlet that seems to have fizzled — The Zeitgeist Movement.

We see a podcast series cited as an examination into well known Quaker Burlesque dancer, which evidentally ends at The Lyndon LaRouche PAC, which typically spends down most of the money it raises each cycle, ended 2020 with $49 in the bank, a record low.

And it is thus….. Donald Trump was just compared to Lyndon Larouche on TV…such an insult to Mr. Larouche.  Headlines come in… Stick to the Benedict Arnold angle.
Unsure what specifically is called ” sad”.
A reporter on @CNN just now compared the president with Lyndon LaRouche LMAO
Many will have to Google that name.
Oh so. Almost snapped my own neck turning my head when CNN did a Lyndon Larouche name drop
Douglas Brinkley
LORGers respond to the one mention of Larouche as sign of guns ablazing against Larouche.
It was to be expected that CNN would line up its guns at the LaRouche movement, as it is a coherent movement and with much credibility gained despite the campaign against the image of the movement for What support globalization, neoliberalism the Anti-national state

Further commentary saying the same thing — see Doug Brinkley dropping the name Larouche and sticking to Benedict Arnold.

IV. Memories
I saw the LaRouche movement in Melbourne do exactly this one.
May 2005 paper headline: NUCLEAR WAR THIS MONTH!!!
Interesting item to cite for opposition to Trump’s second impeachment. Many times, legislators, staff, the public had reason for fear. LaRouche’s cult attacked, the East wing fire, post-9/11 fears, threats to kill us/hurt others. You always wonder
Screenshot_20210115-173952. Men never want to have the Lyndon LaRouche Talk.
I had the Lyndon LaRouche Talk with my parents as a teenager.
Have had this exact conversation but I was talking about Huey Long.
Well, we all make our compromises when we get into a committed relationship.

And… Got Lydon Larouche emails for months when I was 18 because a dude had beautiful green eyes. Lost interest once I began reading the Lydon Larouche emails.

And  In the 80s it was Lyndon Larouche and his followers. They’d yell in an airport “do you believe in a strong defense”. If you’d say yes you’d get sucked into a bizarre world of conspiracy. Wierdest was queen of England head of drug trafficking to get US back.

More Here:  I was just reminded of inauguration day 2001, freezing my toes off on 14th St in my knee high Docs, the crowd had so many different agendas (Free Tibet, LaRouche supporters, disgruntled liberals, cannabis legalization). For real people started wailing and crying when it happened.

Competition abounds in the field of pamphleteering.

And… I remember the Lyndon LaRouche people, especially on college campuses. They were so nuts

In class too!  Some Larouche people interrupted a physics class to yell about how Newton was a fraud

Hm. Was in 7th grade, walking in front of the post office when of his fans tried to convince us to support him. From what I remember, he thought the British were trying to re-invade, and didn’t have friends growing up (had conversations with “greats” on lonely walks).

Heh. bf: one night we were on the phone and she hit her toe on the cat perch she says you guys leave out in the middle of the living room and she just let out this string of curse words that ended in LYNDON FUCKJACK LAROUCHE and that’s when i knew i lov– mom: she talks on the phone?

 So more … Boy this brings back memories; the Larouchies were always around when I was working on Central America solidarity demos & campaigns. They were nuts. One time one of them got up to interrupt a speaker by shouting “this event is organized by the imperial presidency!” (cont). some people laughed, some people shouted for him to sit down – the speaker (whose name I forget) just said smthg like “ok, let me know how much Reagan’s going to pay me for speaking tonight.” They were so weird.

1980 I was picking up extra money working at nights at little grocery store in NH—they kept trying to set up a table inside the store to talk to customers-were a pain always tossing them out-Reagan Bush primary elections–One day a goofy looking guy comes in (more). The guy wants to stand in the store and talk to voters–he said: “I’m George Bush’s son–I said “Hi, I’m Herbert F.’s son–now get your ass out of my store” I tossed George W. Bush—out of a store—didn’t even know who he was at the time–kind of proud of it in retrospect

I didn’t doubt it.I actually went–in late 70s to a meeting held by loon ball referenced in the story, “Lydon LaRouche.”A French foreign student with whom I had become friendly insisted I was being led astray by bourgeois feminists and that I needed to join his group to “make + the revolution.” After two meetings, she and I weren’t friends anymore bc he was a dogmatic lunatic and his zombie followers creeped me out. But I miss the days when there were so many groups “making the revolution,” even though that’s one of the reasons it never got made.

How to ditch em My wife has some hilarious stories of the time she became friends with the local LaRouche cult. She had to have a friend tell them she was dead to get them to go away.

 I guess now they have to wander over to OANN… used to see the occasional guy with crazy larouche signs across from the Fox News studios on Sixth Ave in NYC

V.  Date line WA January 6thy.. here…

I’ve been meaning to look into where LaRouche folks were going after his death. Kinda disappointing they just went MAGA. At least the British are still to blame.

Richard Williams Burden weighs in — from afar.

LPAC expressed outage at Lady Gaga’s role at inauguration, as did random left wing Twitterer: Aristotelian:  Lady Gaga singing the national anthem in 4/4 instead of the normal 3/4 is an appropriate musical metaphor: Just as she re-arranged a song that celebrates slavery, neoliberal Democrats are trying to remix the USA to make it woke, when in reality it’s an empire founded on genocide.

this is almost A=432 lyndon larouche level shit.

Brushing aside The Proud Boys as (a) CIA and (b) British by way of Punk.

I guess Richard William Burden has.

VI. Finally… How Trump fulfilled the promise of Larouche and gained their trust and loyalty is explained. Trump has secretly overthrown the Queen is certainly a creative story.

It runs against counter-veiling matters. Funny way for Trump to show his antipathy at British Power, eh?

. Is the tshirt image Lyndon?. Or just some other bald old white guy?

Daniel Burke on the difference between the Civil Rights Protesters of the 60s and MAGA incursion of 1-6-21.
Rebuttal: It was an overall cultural break down. Even if Trump had classical music on Jan.6, 2021, people where already breaking into the Capitol, at 12:40. But, however, it seems to me that why didn’t anyone walk up to Trump during or after his speech and said they are breaking into the C

VII. Noted: LORG has Pennsylvania State Rep. Diamond , Keyed at a Manhattan Project webcast.

LORG also has snagged Daniel Estulin, leaving LPAC with one less asset.  Getting frisky, we see LORG responding to LPAC tweets with “real source” gusto.

The one thing LPAC does appear to have in its corner is Helga helming LORG, tweeting out Onion headlines and wondering if it’s true.

One more thing lpac has going over lorg can be seen in This banner thrown out at the January 6th event:  LORG’s banner would have to have a more complicated url directing everyone to nation builder dot com.

Not a happy prediction for lorg or lpac– But a sign of who has the conspiratorial headspace right now.

VIII.  The red brown alliance analyzed (with mention of Cynthia McKinney) — your mileage may vary — and a Media bias analysis/ report.  They both refer to LPAC, not as yet LORG.

A curiosity… We see LORG and LPAC take the line, entangled in a Proud Boy turning out to be a snitch, that the events of January 6 were some kind of deep state inside job.  And reactions to that news include a recitation of Larouche as CIA.

(Someone has to tell me if this podcast is worthwhile.)

Australia prides itself that their branch of larouchies look very American and not native.

IX. A left wing podcaster / youtuber brings in Daniel Burke based off Snowden and Assange activism.
Holy crap why do you have that insane LaRouche PAC cult tool on your channel?
LaRouche is sketchy, deserves an episode all to himself. Dude operated like a plant, fooled Nader and others with fake left speak kinda like Stoller is trying now. A lot of weird stuff out there about him.

X.  Stirring Hitler debates.

Pontifex:  didn’t say that he’s alive in Argentina, but he didn’t kill himself, do you have any fathom of what you’re talking about? Mind explaining to me why when DNA technology was invented post-War and the soviets tested his body it said it was a woman?

Chief Kirk:  Who cares he’s a coward like trump

Pontifex:  nah, wrong
Chief Kirk 
Hitler ruined the German peoples lives quicker than jews
Pontifex Arianus Saxdianus, MCDLXXXVIII:
nah, he didn’t
Chief Kirk 
Yeah he literally created Israel and smeared the German peoples name. A lot of people suffered and he ultimately loss like a coward.
Pontifex Arianus Saxdianus, MCDLXXXVIII 
lol you’re a coward for having this mentality u pussy
Chief Kirk
What for being brave and winning with ways to save the people instead of create a worse situation?
Pontifex Arianus Saxdianus, MCDLXXXVIII 
Read beowolf
Chief Kirk:  I read beowolf in elementary school homie
Pontifex Arianus Saxdianus, MCDLXXXVIII
then you should know hitler isn’t a coward
Chief Kirk 
I think suicide is cowardly.
Pontifex Arianus Saxdianus, MCDLXXXVIII
he didn’t kill himself bro lmfao, there’s no evidence you’re just repeating a lie
Chief Kirk 
What happened then?
Pontifex Arianus Saxdianus, MCDLXXXVIII 
we don’t know, but he didn’t kill himself, because there’s no proof I don’t believe he’s in Antarctica
Chief Kirk 
Lol fine say he escaped. Why did everybody face charges for what he did? You think that’s brave?
Pontifex Arianus Saxdianus, MCDLXXXVIII 
everybody? this isn’t even true, countless high ranking nazis were just never found, many others got pleas and started working for the US and Russia, I don’t see how a bunch of them escaping somehow makes them cowards, you seem to really hate national socialists, I wonder why.
Chief Kirk
Say I’m the leader, and other people get in trouble and I hide, that’s not leadership quality. You gotta sink with the ship.
Pontifex Arianus Saxdianus, MCDLXXXVIII 
Chief Kirk
Because he created the wars and lost them then ran away (allegedly)
Pontifex Arianus Saxdianus, MCDLXXXVIII
but he didn’t create the wars, and he didn’t run away, he escaped story after story in European history tells of princes, kings, dukes, etc escaping you have weird non-white morality, are your eyes brown?
Chief Kirk 
Then they are cowards too. My eyes could be purple and it wouldn’t change history of German people losing and jews getting israel which is the main problem we face today is people in Israel with power misusing it to control the world.
Pontifex Arianus Saxdianus, MCDLXXXVIII 
Chief Kirk 
name a better leader who has opposed the banking cartel and done as much damage as hitler
Chief Kirk 
the Templar’s are working with the jews look up Synarchy and the fascist bankers that connect in Switzerland banks
Pontifex Arianus Saxdianus, MCDLXXXVIII
Chief Kirk 
Pontifex Arianus Saxdianus, MCDLXXXVIII
Chief Kirk
Pontifex Arianus Saxdianus, MCDLXXXVIII 
Chief Kirk 
And your source is lyndon larouche? and you called ME the Q BOOMER LOL?
Chief Kirk 
Yes you are a q boomer who thinks Hitler was a hero vs the Jewish banking system when he was an Austrian puppet not even German who was put in power to help the Anglo-Jewish banking powers vs Russia
Nancy Spannaus escapes the Larouche past sort of.  Someone else doesn’t.

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