Civil War in larouche land on full display

CIVIL WAR BREAKs OUT IN LAROUCHE-LAND. Twitterers turns snippy.

Hoo boy. Reputations hang in the balance. The reputation in question?larouche pac b like “here’s how trump can win if more people listen to beethoven”
It’s “lpac” vetsus “lorg”, and we see that Howie G chooses his side, slamming LPAC by implying (gasp) they’re down with The Beatles.
Sorry, Ben Franklin wasn’t a fan of the Beatles… Maybe Larouche Pac can make The Beatles” their official musical icon now? But if you want to think like Beethoven, go to lorg.
Ben holds it down for LPAC with biting sarcasam.
Good point, I remember reading Franklin’s critique of the Beatles… Very intelligent point you’re making.
To which Howie G makes it personal and does not allow lpac to claim the name “larouche”: yes barbaraboyd pac is having Beatles look alike remote concerts soon to fundraise…. or if you want to think like Beethoven, go to lorg.
And Ben ” goes there”.
Sounds like you should seek some help. There are many good programs out there,
Moving down the list on classic rock radio, Howie G lets the insults flow with another group.
As tears go by…. when is the Rolling Stones concert guys? You can do “look alike” … Maybe Larouche Pac can make rock star official musical icon now? But if you want to think like Beethoven, go to (lorg).
To which the official lpac tweet feed defends its honor by foundational rights.
Not at all sure what you’re referring to re: “Rolling Stones,” but thanks for the promotion of the PAC founded by Lyndon LaRouche!
Will Howie G move on to reference Cheap Trick? Time will tell.

And here we have Ben at lpac making a charge against Helga and LORG …
not joining in the fight
Boom! I called it perfectly. #sunshinepatriots deployed to the opposite side of the main activity, just so you can lead your broadcasts saying, “I was there.”

II. Your warning to the Left.
recent discourse has convinced me that we may see another larouche moment on the left as opportunists attempt to weld chauvinism, conspiracy theory and a workerism of cultural signifiers.
And, an analysis.
Along the same lines… “Red Flash tendencies”.

III. A note to Matthew Sweet, who keeps (understandably enough) passing this line: The prosecutor in the case was the young Robert Mueller.. According to Molly Kronberg posting at the factnet forum not at factnet anymore, Mueller had the most minimal of involvement in the case — nevermind its convenience for Trump era Larouche storylines and nevermind no one outside of laroucheland will think anything of Mueller if it were the case.

A note to Bruce Todd: Who is to blame if Trump does not pardon Snowden, Assange amd especially Larouche? (And where was Bill Weld, winner of one delegate in the 2020 Republican nomination contest, at the Republican roll call?)

IV. We see that Harley Schlanger now gets referenced as “LaRouche Foundation spokesman”, as an entry the SGT Report, this does not put him in lpac or lorg.
An anti-China Larouchie… I guess ripe for the picking by lpac but not lorg.

We see lpac stick up a “Mission of lpac”, which I gather may be a statement of principles in this civil war.
Which faction will answer this concern?

CIA is an extension of mi-6, the Queen’s personal intelligence service. This is the hard and hidden truth which is staring everyone in the face. China walks to the beat of the British Monarchy drum, as had the US for the past century. I can prove it to you, LaRouche already has

We see Daniel Burke getting dozens of replies, and tens of tesponses as he defends Trump’s right to tweets and pbs airplay. For example:
You’d think someone with plans to be a career politician would be aware the President can give statements anytime he wants to for press releases. Or just walk into a local Waffle House and start a fight so someone will record him crying about Pence being mean to him.
And the perpetual question… larouche, really?

V. A NYT article on Noxon supporters in the last days of his administration gets a Larouche allusion. Worth mentionioning, Larouche was right there on behalf of Nixon… Odd Lefties they.

VI. Winning friends and influencing people in the Great Washington Rush. Signs along the highway. And at strip malls…
Recently into December, a friend and customer who frequents a strip mall told me about a LaRouche PAC kiosk place near the retailers still campaigning for the president. That seemed fine before the election, and undestandable a few days after—during the tumult.
However, by Thanksgiving week, we most accepted, even grudgingly, the math that Joe Biden was really going to win. It seems the reality.
Still, the kiosk returned, at this point in time hoping to do what?
And I wonder if this is even helping the folks at the kiosk. They looked like neighbors of similar 60s age and could very well be me. They seem just as concerned as me. One can certainly empathize with that.

VII. Funny thing on this… here

Donald Trump embarks on the next phase of his checkered career as a professional defendant, who will soon be spending more time in court than Perry Mason, the Cruz/Hawley axis of insanity is going to learn some harsh lessons, not the least of which is they have less chance of ever assuming the presidency than Lyndon LaRouche.
Round about here:
Without vast media attention, Trump’s influence will steadily dwindle. See, Huckabee, Mike. By 2024, Trump’s so-called “base” will pretty much consist of the Proud Boys, Alex Jones, Sidney Powell and the tiki torch crowd. Now there’s a gathering of braying beagles for you.
No mention of lpac or lorg. Even though I jad neen pondering a future disgraced Trump as a real “get” for the larouchies, but it does seem he has bigger platforms to “get”.
By 2024 would anyone be surprised to find Trump pimping My Pillows on Glenn Beck’s conspiracy theory radio show?

From the right a couple years’ back, an attempt to warn on Larouche.
If there is a conspiracy, LaRouche is your front-man and he’s trying his best to make Trump supporters seem intellectually weak, nutty and down right dangerous. Stop with the conspiracies and lets get back to trying to save our country.
I want to rescue the good name of conspiracy theorizing, but on the score here — hm… There is a broader prpblem than Larouche as spherehead to ” make Trump supporters seem” all that list.

Can go onto broader parts than contrarian minded prosecutors and defenders: It seems that there is a quick path to kookery for high level prosecutors. I don’t know the answer. I remember watching former US AG Ramsey Clark fall into this hole as well with his support for LaRouche and the Workers World Party.

VIII. LORG has lately been pumping up former surgeon genetal of the Clinton administratipn, Jocelyn Elders. It is worth pointing out the controversy which gave Bill Clinton his reason to fire her… And the specifics of it, which slide against Larouche ideology. The “Malthusian”ist question was whether teaching about masturbation in public schools may be good for population control. Elders’s response dod not directly respond to the ” population control” line.

IX. Noted sic: EIR Lead Article for SUNDAYY, December 20, 2020

And then… LaRouche PAC’s organizers on the ground January 6 in Washington, D.C. found the President’s supporters steadfastly committed to the movement Trump built and to expanding it to meet his promise to make America once again the manufacturing and industrial capital of the world and the center of profound discoveries on the frontiers of science. There was extraordinary and widespread recognition of the pioneering role of Lyndon LaRouche in creating the circumstance for overthrowing the occupation of our country by British, Wall Street, and Silicon Valley oligarchs.
Also there… LORG.

We see them linking to … I assume originally pegging an antifa provacateur for the violence and melee, but instead the Washington Timrs has an update…
Correction: An earlier version of this story incorrectly stated that XRVision facial recognition software identified Antifa members among rioters who stormed the Capitol Wednesday. XRVision did not identify any Antifa members. The Washington Times apologizes to XRVision for the error.
They still have the Breitbart and asdorted alt right twitteters.

More from this gathering.
And spiritually about: Now is the moment my father said would come if a wacko like Lyndon LaRouche ever got elected. Well done MAGATs.

Quick shout out to Chinese media. Curiously, domestic consumption would stick with an equivalence with antifa or blm.

X. Memories…
ANDIn 1991, co-running GulfWatch, a daily news-sheet of the Scottish churches on the Gulf War & later published by Edinburgh Review I had the LaRouche cult try to recruit me. Daily calls & faxes from Germany of “inside” info. Pushy! Soon sussed it as cultic.

my grandpa had us helping him canvas as soon as we could speak in full sentences. I was 4 and hollering “No Larouche!” outside our polling place because my grandpa was pretty sure they wouldn’t arrest a preschooler for election
My dad loved to get into it with the LaRouchites. “So the Masons are part of this conspiracy? How high up do you have to be to know about it? My Dad’s a Mason. Does Dad know about this? And there’s this guy at my work…does Bob know? How can I find out?”

recalling the one-two punch of the trotskyists and larouche people as i exited the student union like a year ago
larouche people were for sure significantly more deranged, i got around 30 seconds into talking to them before they mentioned “the british” (larouche dogwhistle for jews) and said they were to blame for the state of the modern world.

I’m old enough to remember when — if you wanted to hear stuff like this — you had to find the card table staffed by the LaRouche campaign at the ass-end of DFW airport.

AND I literally came across a LaRouchie stall once. The May edition of their paper said “NUCLEAR WAR TO BREAK OUT THIS MONTH!” The June issue said: “LAROUCHE PREVENTS NUCLEAR WAR!”

DELETED: 1974, college roommate’s brother, a serious larouchite
I got to read 100 page tracts on how American Civilization went off course after Benjamin Franklin
40 years later, in front of supermarket, a lady with a really off vibe, asking for signatures for her run for local office
when i say seriously off vibe, I mean one of those people you say hello to and go, whoa . . something wrong here
you could say LaRouche gave a lot of crazy people a purpose in life
if it kept them out of institutions, IMO, a net good for society.

As a kid I watched a Lyndon LaRouche hourlong ad. He was a respectable looking guy, using a respectable tone of voice, and speaking in complete sentences. Anyhoo, it didn’t take long to figure out that none of what he was saying made a whit of sense – Crenshaw fits that mold

Thomas Pynchon. Still out there.
I am curious what “scene” this “old timer to young whippersnapper” refers.

Interesting. I met with LaRouche supporters annually for about 15-years. I shared an expose which I asked them to read while I read their material.
Really? Interesting. I shopped once or twice in a bookstore he apparently owned in Leesburg, VA. I mean America has a long tradition of tolerating outside opinion but it’s been discouraging to me to see just how many people have learned to hate the “establishment” in our nation.

Intetesting introduction into campuses:
He places a spotlight on uncommon guests “to expose students to possibilities they may never have imagined.” Further, this instructor connects the guest speakers to an assignment. His students hear from libertarians, socialists, and followers of LaRouche. After engaging with these three ideological standpoints through reading materials and the guests’ talks, students write a paper articulating an argument on which position is most convincing, and whether that ideological standpoint stands a chance of being incorporated into American politics.

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