As always, the non Republican non Democrat is forced into that role

I can’t decide if it is ahistorical or just a fill in the blank projection of what is at hand that the big take away from Michelle Obama’s speech, and the sentence about this being not the time to go wasting your vote on somebody who hasn’t a chance, contextualized as it is inferred to be coming off an allusion to the black decreased turn-out of 2016 as this not being the time to sit the election put…

… Wait. Is she referring to Kanye West?

Why Kanye West and not the party stalwarts for the 3rd and 4th place getters of 2016 — Jo Jorgensen (who recently made her biggest nrws blip of the 2020 campaign by getting bitten by a bat) and Howie Hawkins,

Where Kanye West doesn’t have their ballot access–

I can’t quite tell.

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