Band aid

Mac Smiff — hip hop promoter and political activist — said in the local alt weekly, calling out the mayor “There are 5 thousand people out here telling you the same thing, and you’re asking what we want. Justice and getting rid of the police — what is it that you’re confused about?”

Probably the intertwining of the two — that there can be no justice without a police force. Predictably enough, as the crime rate increases, the mayor is now seeking to pull back in the once called gang task force renamed gun task force. Predictably enough, we see this deemed as a “band aid”, which may be but leaves out the fact that band aids are important.

It is puzzling how the right wing cause may the propaganda mill makes stuff up when there is plenty of gist for the mill, except that the narrative is built up and additions are made from truth and not truth.

Seeing a gathering leave into the night, it struck me how the personal is not political as the political is social. THe social outing of the season is this. I noticed this with the activities organized by political party oriented groups — what, does the Oregon Bus Product do a “pub prawl” to… Er… End the War?

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