The damnedable race to a white house

Counter National Review, I believe pretty much everyone is aware of the weaknesses of Presidential candidate, though the most loyal partisans will shelve it as political perceptions. In a sense, Biden becomes the perfect candidate for the moment, you aren’t thinking about him.

And sure, the Reade allegation prompts a bunch of back tracking for hypocrisy’s sake on just what it is “Believe all women”. Always a dangling problem any political operative can drive a mac truck through. WAs Carville right with his “dollar bill through trailer park” line, if something you should tweak?

At that bright eyed stage where the Biden campaign imagines an open map. Sure — just as Hillary saw at the moment of the Access Hollywood leak. And, sure, keep the map open — so long as you are nimble enough to collapse back to concentrate on the core states.

At that point you ask around and skeletons and personal issues get magnified. Still, the problem is… No one is perfect, private citizens are private citizens…

Funny, I do not know where to go with the statement that Trump’s “person of color”s he favors are… “Shuck and Jive” types. Wouldn’t that be the white people he favors as well, modulate the meaning. Biden made an awkward gaffe, but we established the black electorate — at least the major Southern rural one that got to vote — is not into political correct wrangling.

Anyone up for a 2024 contest pitting Trump and Biden?. It is assumed Biden will serve out a term, but notably he leaves a second run open with only “won’t run if signs of cognitive decline” — cornering him, pride alone would show a declined reelection bid a kind of defeat. As for Trump, though — I imagine the Republicans will want to move on quickly, champion their governors.


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