Libertarian Party ticket for 2020

The “lanes” theory of party nominating fights appears to have taken place in the Libertarian Party — with the “disgruntled ex Republican” having its most prominent contender –Justin Amash– dropping out while testing the water, leaving the winner of Jo Jorgensen in the academic gadfly activist lane with performance artiste lane of Vermin Supreme holding around for management’s sake a few rounds of voting.

They appear to be appeasing that third lane by the vice presidential nominee — Spike Cohen — art partner of Mr. Supreme — Cohen appears to like exposing his chest hair, which I guess was part of his show if Supreme had won.  In theory, this lane is more radical than the others, but gets clouded out by smirking and claiming “it will make The people confused, but then thinking.”. About boots on heads, I guess.

Jorgensen a previous vice presidential nominee, so who knows? Down the line Cohen may get to that top rung.  And win point oh oh something percent of the vote.

One puzzle:  they both are from South Carolina?

That is not allowed constitutionally.  (Why Dick Cheney had to move back to Wyoming).  Is Cohen going to have to move?

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