I don’t know what i look like…


The sports bar, the one part of probably the largest national chain, a week back — as the staff were down to waiting about on to go orders (whether or not they at doing brisk business is beside the point), had on all their tv screens, as they always do, to the various sports stations and whatever sport related item is on what now.  The point of thos, I do not know — yes, their regular mode of business has every seat in view with big game action every where you turn, but when the staff is the only audience–

Today I see the big projection screens are off, so it is a step in the seeming logical direction.  What is on ESPN and the like appears to be classic games, reruns.  I do think the games may as well be commiserate with our current time in the season, so for the past month the baseball games ought have been spring season classics — you know, like go ahead and rerun Randy Johnson blowing up an incoming bird with his fastball.

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