Changed my hairstyle so many times now…

IMG_20200329_191937 Look closely and you will see that there is a dude on the swing set … Swinging, which is prohibited.  Technically illegal.  An item found on a sign post declaring some things “temporarily closed”.  I’m this case, playgrounds.

The problem may lie in the imagery — generic infographics.  Some abstraction of a play set with a line crossed through it.  No.  What we need now is a throwback to world war propaganda posters.  What is needed is an image of someone swinging, next to a swing occupied by that spiky coronavirus figure, and the tagline “when you swing, you swing with coronavirus.”

Still probably too abstract, the coronavirus will have to be anthromophized, and more so anthromorphized to a personification of evil.  So, you know, the coronavirus with a Hitler mustache.. In keeping with the poster’s source material.

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