dems ahead in the polls, even with reasons to fret.

Lisa Murkowski: No, it doesn’t appear Trump “learned” from impeachment. Or better to say… Sure has, but is cynical message.

Utah considers lessening criminal travails for polygamy. I suppose the polyamorists abounding are unaffected, not in the marriage game, or prepping for open mistress…

prosecutors quit after Roger Stone judgement down=graded.

note the national review on transgender arguments in South Dakota, not your cartoon

university of oklahoma hurls against prof denouncing “ok boomer” as a slur like that other one…

does the new sonic the hedgehog movie stay true to the source material?


the less than pluses on requiring or requesting the vice president be announced now.

the rise of autobiography.

Johnny Appleseed not a good precursor for the trillion trees project.

Ron Paul not a fan of Pere Buttigieg, says follow the money back to… CIA.




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