Tulsi Gabbard’s unnecessary magnanimity

There’s this bit of a head scratcher I have, on the like of Tulsi Gabbard.  If asked to publicly opine on Rush Limbaugh’s ailment, some response round about what she offered via unsolicited tweet — round about a respectful hope health comes through, politics aside — will make sense and is what I would want from anyone.  There is no reason to go out of the way with this — Limbaugh just doesn’t matter in that way.  Note the comments section of a YouTube clip for the Simpsons parody from the 1990s — where we have some youngsters chiming in on the brilliance of this… Alex Jones spoof.

Frankly anyone short of a president or a colleague in the Congress… doesn’t warrant or demand a comment from her.  Or anyone not vying for his voters..

Or is she trying that one out?

Alienating maybe her supposed coming Russia backed third party supporters?… (speculated spuriously in unrelated news headlines. Does she chime in on the Sean Hannity Show to argue for drug legalization to win a smattering of voyes in that open primary of New Hampshire seems to have faltered at that kasich double digit declare s uccess before dispersing… Or maybe she goes where invited, and damned not in the debates any more.)

Is Weld, off his triumphant spiking of a delegate in the iowa caucuses, winning the support that may otherwise slip to Gabbard? Will the backers of Andrew Yang now trend toward Vermin Supreme [front runner of the libertarian contest?)

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