Yes there is no impeachment

Welcome to a new year.  Trump — supposedly oh so reticent on deploying troops– (his best feature) has ripped up not so much goodwill in Iraq as relative I’ll will toward Iran and Lindsey Graham promised it won’t be Benghazzi again.  Nay. .. Not Obama’s and Hillary’s molehill of a scandal… Think Carter’s troubles… Politically hard to figure what it swallows up.

We open 2020 without much figured in the endless Democratic primary.  Maybe an echo of those Republican primaries of older where everyone gets the day in the sun before Biden or Romney go away with it.  I guess that’s how it works when there’s no celebrity exhausting the media bubble.  Yang is Paul, I suppose.

It’s maybe a little weird as I listen to a conversation on hoping Trump will be impeached, not able to inject– deed is done.  Unless you go by that interesting logic of not if senate don’t take it up.  I hate to say it but McConnell ‘s response to Pelosi on not handing it over til they know what the senate is doing … We didnt ask for it… Makes sense.

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