Drew carey episodes now ruined

The cbc’s removal of trump from home alone 2 for apolitical time constraints makes sense.  The problem with the argument against that — the brevity of his appearance — which is the argument of outrage on chef’s explanation you get on the internets to those who care and can be taken aback personally by such accounts — is … exactly — that’s what the networks do… Nip and tuck, 20 seconds here, 5 there.  Trump’s appearance is disposable.

Frankly, if the reason were political of a sort it’d make sense and be justifiable.  Don’t want to take the viewer out of the scene.  The dilemma of Trump as opposed to previous presidents … He had that hokey role in 80s 90s debris.  Reagan as “king of the b’s” got you one step there but his leading role status to roles you wouldn’t be interested in sand curiosity … Bedtime for Bonzo? …saves him.  You know when he’s popping up.  Trump just cameoed around.  Also to be sure, Reagan was never responding to any bono nests where Trump jumps in to tweet responses to such pseudo-stories.

Funny too various business dealings he had slight roles with he now gets retroactively pushed further center.  I see this ESPN show on the old 80s football league set up against the nfl… Shot to one owner, Trump… Would they have chosen that footage if not for future history?


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