on the revelations of MLK that move from that which has long been established to that which shoves him into firm “metoo” territory:  Since when is the FBI reliable?

Senator Alan Olsen’s lone vote no is correct, if politically deadening, and even as the “crack down on racially motivated 911 call” bill has an understandable logical edge to it.  I suppose I’d take a deep breath, vote no, and then seek a racial justice vote of some kind.

Mark Evanier solves the question of who leaked the Jeopardy Champion losing

Mike Gravel mocks the Democrats who are lagging him in polling.

Gillibrand versus Buttigieg on Al Franken.  The great thing is that (ex Republican turned centrist blue dog democrat turned mainline democrat following the left pull of the party) Gillibrand will be forever chiding me for sliding equivocatingly with Franken.

Kamala Harris is a cop.



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