wash. rinse. repeat.

“You never separate children from their parents.  NEVER!”
“Obama did the same thing.  Those photos you see are from…”

And from this I have the gist of an argument being held as I’m walking past a downtown strip club.  And I can’t fill in the details of what the first person would be saying in response to the Trump supporter (the former appears to be an employee of the establishment — maybe a bouncer?  The latter a customer — though it’s argumentative beyond a point I’d imagine is healthy for business unless they have a regular enough and cordial relationship established) —

But I do know what points I’d make.

No, Obama’s record there was not especially progressive (deportations rose from the Bush administration level).  I believe you’re wrong about the photos coming in from Obama, or are sometimes mislabeled (there was a problem of unaccompanied minors at the border, after all).  Also you have a President Obama met with, say, a Governor Jan Brewer and some attending mix of policies.
But more to the point, let’s say it were the case.  Where were the immigrant hawks in support of some such policies?  Cheering on Representative Joseph Wilson shouting “YOU LIE” at the SOTU.

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