random sighting of marxist infighting

I noted at some cafe or other a pin pricked notice for a lecture from a bunch of… Maoists apparently…  against “Post-Modernism” and Identity politics at the university.

And they’re on against the Frankfurt School… (Take that Herbert Marcuse!)… cultural marxism, getting into the way of the non cultural marxism.

The lecture tour was had, and reported on by the house organ of wsws.  They try for class solidarity, but I imagine they’ll have to — like everyone else– figure out how to split apart as you thread the needles on identity politics and “victim-ology”… like, when identifies are indeed victimized.  (Joey Bishop is of the working class, ain’t he?)

They do take their stand with the beleagured professors who exposed the problems of cultural studies.  (Surprised by the tone of “bastards who are in it for the lols” response I’d see about them.  Probably shouldn’t be surprised, though… agendas are set full stance and all.)  Maybe there’s hope on the far left yet.

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