Harvard caves to students and fires Weinstein defense lawyer

Is the “Ok” sign a signal for white supremacy?

Trump├é┬ácompares Buttigieg to Alfred E Neuman, Buttigieg doesn’t know what that is.

Using Amino Acids to identify pornographic images

Kanye West on Bi-polar disease… and everyone can take that one wherever they want regarding his political positions regarding Trump

If it is Bolton Versus Trump, with Trump being the (by hook or crook) good guy here… what the hell is John Bolton doing in Trump’s cabinet?

Joseph Biden responds to the “free tuition” bid with (maybley more reasonable; at least not a regressive wealth transfer) “2 years of community college” … and, quick question though on his “12 years not enough anymore”… can we maybe fortify the 12 years so that it can be valuable again?




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