The Assange indictment is thin gruel;
Assange — Letterman

Lamenting the death of the Internet, as Slacker had forseen it.

White Nationalists Interrupt Author and chant “This Land is Our Land” )… book is “Dying of Whiteness: How the Politics of Racial Resentment is Killing America’s Heartland.”

Christina Hoff Sommers versus Roxanne Gay and the immolation of political discourse into arguing against sound-byte nuggets.   “Imagine a terrible, terrible YouTube comments section — but live,”

Columbia College Theater Students Feel Unsafe About White Students Getting Parts Written for Palestinians After None Tried Out.

The “Cow Bell” incident, shutting down some jackass speaker at PSU.

BYU Valedictorian comes out during his Valedicorian speech

slight contradictions from crooks and liars: Trump fears Biden most;  Dems poised to elect the damnable Biden off of false media narrative

Why TERFs have a point as we squabble on societal impetus:  Transgendered woman smashes women’s powerlifting records… because… urm… sexually she’s what now?

The Six presidents who have never lost an election

Sports Illustrated Swimsuit edition tries to stay socially relevant with Muslim wearing burkini.




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