hear about the high school stage production of “The Producers”?

In its array of “readings” this month, Harpers Magazine includes a list of “shocking” things abounding various Political candidates of 2018’s political season.  One of which was a nazi swastika.

To clarify, the swastika was in the background, in a public school display of various historical photographs, for an ad by the Republican Senate candidate in Michigan.  (The candidate, incidentally, “happened to be black”.) Appropriate, I’d suggest.  Was it worth making an issue of?  No.

I suppose it was worth doing the due diligence and blurring the image out, or skipping to some other background for the purpose of speaking while wandering a school hallway.  Not so much because any sane person would decide that the appearance of the swastika in the background within a lot of historical educational materials would signify some kind of signal to white nationalists and neo-nazis that this black Republican Senate candidate is with them, but just so that it won’t end up, without clarification of the situation, included in a list of “shocking things” in campaign commercials, rendering the list one mite more pointless.

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