we’re all screwed

I think it was Kurt Vonnegut.. but it may have been someone else… (echoing a theme from Frank Zappa, who may also be the man who said it… )… and worthwhile in staring at voting patterns and commentary post Kavanaugh.

Jocks and cheerleaders vote Republican; nerds and hoods Democratic.  And at that, Kavanaugh’s confirmation and the just past circus show helps Republicans in the districts and states where high school football is king…

The Kind of Kid who’d listen to UB40 in the 80s… interesting to note, they delayed their US tour… which I thought may have had something to do with this story, but looking closer — no, this was “best of release” delay related…
We’re also in familiar territory… there are two UB40s touring about (band split up and formed around two different nuclei)… and also they express some surprise at the conservative right winger listening to our “socialist” band.  (Shades of Paul Ryan and Rage Against the Machine.)  Sure, but the band had sold out its message for their big hits
And… we’re just a little stuck here with a story that smacks of “why do I care?

I hear a person on a local news posit that had Kavanaugh come out in Senate testimony with a kind of “Her testimony was credible enough, even though I don’t remember anything like that, and I was drunk a lot of the time and had some bad attitudes that I can’t say for sure I didn’t do it, but it is not who I am or have been in my adult life” — and squaring it with the idea that that would have produced a bi-partisan outpouring for support and some productive national and international dialogue on real concerns and issue…
I don’t buy it.  He’d be cast in the line of Brock Turner, and we’d be stuck on some kind of “we’re supposed to be patting him on the back and say ‘yah’ to this entitled frattie?”…
The Republican on the panel (former gubernatorial candidate) shifts his focus on the overweening powers that have been invested in the Supreme Court and the idea that this is where politicos punt over the tough issues.

Blowing it.  A flyer stuck in those free boxes posits the quote from Lindsey Graham… “This is what you get when you go through a trailer park with a hundred dollar bill.”  I know the quote as stemming from James Carville circa 1991 – 1992 on allegations against Bill Clinton.  If Graham is saying it, he’s referencing Clinton.  As it were, the basic gist of the thing — never mind the trailer park reference and the dollar amount, but it is that grifters abound and publicity hounds too — comes true in  allegation number three and Michael Avenatti — always a story bound to undercut the case.  The question that lingers… for the future… when unwelcome parties jump into the fray like that, what do you do to shove ’em away?  (The state media for the Democratic Party, MSNBC, could decline a platform, maybe?)

I have a theory, based on a snippet in news coverage (listening on npr) which stated Trump officials were working the phones on convincing everyone, and “even Democrats”… at a point in time when everyone was accounted for except Manchin… that Trump and Manchin had a Gentleman’s Deal.  Trump would cease campaigning in West Virginia.  Just… watch to see if West Virginia continues to be on the President’s itinerary.

And, granted, he’s up in the polls, so the president would have an excuse… even as he jumps over to Mississippi of all places… It is worth pointing out, to the hemmers “You’re up by double digits… you have room for this”… hm… he was up by double digits, until he was then up by high single digits.

Apparently the Senate race in Indiana — nothing much just happened? — will come down to competing rallies from Donald Trump and Joseph Biden.

The corrupt Democratic incumbent in New Jersey, — who, I don’t know, can the Democrats just promise that if elected, he’ll be summarily shoved aside and replaced in a fortnight?  (That’s essentially what Oregon Democrats did with John Kitzhaber in his last election) — apparently feeling the need to get the race onto a national positioning of Ds versus Rs as his polls start to sink  — and we have the tweet that shows where Senatorial discourse is in this day and age…

Just read the FBI report on Kavanaugh – if that’s an investigation, it’s a bullshit investigation.

Hold on… the norm’s have been re-calibrated

Yes, Democrats can pick up a House seat in West Virginia this cycle. Richard Ojeda, a state senator and veteran, supported Trump for president in 2016 only to turn against him, saying he “hasn’t done shit” for people in West Virginia. This is how Ojeda speaks—loosely—and it’s led us to a surreal situation in which we have President Trump and the Republican candidate, Carol Miller, suggesting that Ojeda is too inappropriate for Congress. At a recent West Virginia rally, Trump called him a “complete whacko” and “stone-cold crazy.” All of this has been funneled into a Miller ad that expresses shock at someone using “personal attacks” being sent to Washington. What a world.

We’re back at Alexis Torqueville’s horror at seeing Davey Crockett in the House.


Try to find the “center“… which, maybe you can get to if you pull away the politicos.


Too afraid for either of us to speak Weinstein’s name, he used a nonspecific pronoun: “They would come after you with everything they have. Look what’s going down with Gawker,” he said, citing the soon-to-be-shuttered news site that had been destroyed by a vindictive rich person. 

Yeah… I hate to be “that dude”, but… I kinda have to side with the “vindictive rich person” on this one.

We are in weird terrain with some of the commentary… like, which set of elites do you identify with here?  Is that the basic tribal message for the plebes?

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