the ron paul revolution evolves…


The candidate is one of three running this election season that has been endorsed by Ron Paul.  And this is the only way he gets any media coverage outside a few aspersions to possible “spoiler role”.  I suppose there might be something to a de-centralized campaign a libertarian philosopher king would endorse?

“Instead of paying for ineffective jail sentences, Ryan Bundy proposes to The People of Nevada a more efficient retribution process: ‘eye-for-an-eye,’” the site said.

The post, which Bundy had removed from the website after he saw it, was done by campaign manager Cardiff Gerhardt without approval.

“Once I read it, I took it down,” Bundy said.

Gerhardt’s post went on to call for not one death sentence for someone convicted of multiple murders, but rather one death sentence for each act of murder, with the convicted apparently being brought back to life multiple times to fulfill this.

“If you murder 10 people, you will be murdered 10 times before your freedom is returned to you (we can remove the final resuscitation if the prisoner so chooses),” the site said.

I would suggest that he’s suggesting that the multiple death penalties is literally flogging a dead horse, but that’s not correct… it is closer to being more literal than normally suggested with the expression, though.

Come to think of it, if you’re guilty of bestiality, would the animal be screwing you?

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