in the future, Trump will be the new Carter

At around the time of Barack Obama’s inauguration, the still alive presidents did a photo op where … fascination.

And I’m imagining in the future, where this photo-op is re-enacted.  In 2009, we saw Jimmy Carter separated from everyone else.  I’m imagining Donald Trump will be in the same basic spot as Jimmy Carter.

And in defense of Donald Trump visa vie John McCain…

He’s right.  No need to have the flag at half mass for every John, Dick, and Ed who… no bones about it, he doesn’t even like…

Wait.  We’re thinking of a man who politicized flag reverence politics visa vie NFL players, so we may be in that “Sigh.  Hypocrisy Call” angle.

And in defense of John McCain against callers out from the “left” about his not so maverick stance — with a litany of problems that accord to his essential Republican nature and his essential Hawkish nature… (voted with Trump some 85 or whatever percent of the time) no one said he wasn’t anything but a Hawkish Republican… whose principles happen to not align with yours… or, you know, mine.


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