they’re selling mccain now

Upon the passing of David Foster Wallace, a lone Rolling Stone article covering the 2000 presidential campaign of John McCain was spruced into a tidy little volume and put out for sale.  And, there it was… a long magazine article published into a book.

I suppose now, upon the death of the subject matter — John McCain — that the book may as well be reprinted.  You know, the first time it was to squeeze in every point of sale and interest springing from the death of the great author, this time for the great politician.

But, nay.  It is also possible the publishing industry has shifted enough that the market’s no longer there — go online, and you can find the damned article — so, we’ll just have to settle for a reprint of those point of sale impulse buy magazines for “John McCain” which I saw some of a year or so ago —

— covering all political bases, this one spliced together to target your patriotic moderate to conservative longing for a hero in the days of Trump —

Anyway, if you want to buy some McCain dumplings… you’ll have your opportunity now.

All very sad, but life continues, so we can go ahead and segue now to a… a porpoise kissing show?  …

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