The future of political assassinations comes in drone-form.

So says President Maduro, not necessarily the most reliable of witnesses:  There has been an attempt to assassinate me. I have no doubt that this all points to the extreme right in Venezuela, in alliance with the right in Colombia, and that Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos is behind this attempt. I have no doubt. Preliminary investigations have indicated to us that there are various financial backers of this attempt on my life. They live in the United States in the state of Florida. Hopefully President Donald Trump’s government is willing to fight these terrorist groups, which are attempting great attacks against countries on this continent, in this case Venezuela.

Hm.  It’s the extreme right in Venezuela, in alliance with the not accentuated right in Columbia, and hopefully the President of the United States who toyed with the idea of a military intervention of Venezuela, will apprehend the Floridans in on the plot.

John Bolton, not necessarily the most reliable of witnesses, denies it all.

And I’m still trying to find this one that floated by on the news, but the military — also not reliable — say the explosion wasn’t a drone, but a gas leak across the street.

All very hazy when everyone’s suspect.

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