the limits of speech limits

You must like this Southern Poverty Law Center graphic.  See for how this product or service protects the neo-nazi or “incel” site from cyber-attacks, or simple lack of servicing.

Image used to represent the website service… a giant pile of poo.

Subtle, that SPLC.

Which is interesting, because in the Huffington Post story, we have the comparison to nazi guards.

In other news of this rough type — apparently four fewer Alex Jones videos are available on youtube.  They’re threading needles in the language of their speech constraints.  Nothing wrong with that per se — Alex Jones isn’t entitled to youtube’s platform for his content whose bottom line is as  vehicle to sell Survivalist Vitamin Boosters, just … should acknowledge that they’re threading those needles.  Yeah, well… in the future Alex Jones’s business model will be to make sure to get a few banned so he can direct attention to his website — “What THEY don’t want you to see.”  “Decide for yourself!”  Of course, the bulk of the material still needs to get on youtube, but… just slip in a something something for a few.  Maybe youtube can spell out what, exactly, so he can do that.

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