flipping axes

That weird bit of jujitsu where Trump lays out a tweet fretting about Russian meddling to help the Democrats, undercut as it is by a hack attempt against Claire McCaskill.  (And here I was just assuming we’d have some facebook page devoted to Satan versus Jesus arm-wrestling over Claire McCaskill’s senate seat.)

You do have to appreciate the logic of Trump’s line of attack.  Opposites’ Day.  You can’t work your way into the matter at hand, because you have a force field of denial that doesn’t deny as exonerate and accuse an opposite.

Then again, you have the current problem of the day for a political line calling itself (even prefaced by a hashtag) — The Resistance, echoing around such lines of radicalism.  Big fans of the Intelligence services.  FBI, CIA.  Things that, back in the day, would have been referred to as “The Man”.  Very countercultural yippy of everyone, eh?

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