You’ve been warned

Interesting to note.  Like assembling a new Beatles song out of old recordings, I suppose… John F Kennedy’s speech warning about the coming era of Trump (oh, if your partisanship fits that screed, you can read it that way), to be delivered right after he was shot in Dallas… now… delivered, out of old components of speeches.

The effect is powerful, if not perfect. At its best, Kennedy is clearly doing the talking; hearing him complete his mission for that day has moved many listeners to tears. At its worst, a robotic inflection on some phrases makes it sound like JFK inhabits an automated voice mail system.

Or, like South Park disassembling old episodes of Jerome “Chef” McElroy, when killing him off because of Issac Hayes’s dispute with the show over Scientology.  Which is pretty much how Kennedy is being automated here, right?  Just gotta find the right inflection of when Kennedy said the word “of” and “the”, or … autotone it, I guess.

And how is this being set up in the conspiratorial land of Trump?  Wait for it.

They’re about to fake a sex tape with Stormy Daniels!

Or, the They of the Deep State Industrial Complex New World Order can find tape of Stormy Daniels engaged in sex (is that available anywhere?) and merge it with the same of Donald Trump (I think the Ruskies may have some).


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