“twittering” through history

Surveying the diaries of an ancestral relative.  A frequent lament of the current era of social media has it that people drop in with banalities — oh, the lunch you are right now eating.  I am reminded of that here, and have a sense that maybe when later ages excavate such tweets, it won’t be anything new.
Curious to see if she had any observations on the events of the big days, I flip about …
Sun Dec 7,1941
Mass.  9:30.  Jane came and took us to their house for dinner.  We took Aunt Ceal to the car and came home after some grocery shopping.  Japan started war on U.S.  Lovely weather.
I don’t think the war is mentioned again, but I suppose I should check in on VE and VJ days.  Surely she would have taken note of the atomic bomb, but my best guess is … it wasn’t important enough for this.


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