At the moment, apropor of very little, I have this button on my shirt.

Woooh.  It flashes.  “Holographic”… so… you know… when you take one step forward what was once a picture of Richard Nixon is now a word of affirmation, that the wearer is “for” him.

A damnable little item, probably more worthwhile than something for Truman or Carter… if not for a fluke of nickname catchiness to form “I Like Ike”, he’d probably be dead in the water as well… as the anti-Nixon kitsch blends in with the pro-Nixon kitsch.  For all the Obama tinkets shoved out there in his 2008 run, I don’t much see it as having appeal in five and six decades.  Nor with Bush, for that matter.  Trump will probably have some appeal.   (See him popping up on a documentary about the USFL, somewhat more conspicuously and shadily than had he not become president.)  So, well… start saving your Trump MAGA merchandise stuff now?

Though, Nixon used more advanced technology.

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