the recurring problem of press coverage

The question of the day:  do you want to see the youtube videos of the woman who shot at youtube headquarters?

I have no answer to that question, and won’t think too much of it if you do.  Some of them are… interesting enough… as cultural commentary… of a sort.  News reports initially came in that they’re “random and all over the place”, but new reports seem to have gotten a handle on the basic tenets of her online presence.  Now she’s an “Iranian born” “Vegan Vlogger”.

What I’m left with, though, is that nauseous question of seeing images from her youtube channels on the teevee news… Inevitably, this will be out there, and online outlets will flush this all out for anyone’s perturbed edification… but somehow, I’d just as soon have it at least a step or two away from the massest media fame-maker.

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