Chairman Xi

The Chinese censors are right now have banning the phrase “Cult of Personality” from China’s Internet, due to the announcement of Chairman Xi that he’s dumping the term limits — an announcement, I may as well add, that is being met with widespread cheers by the Chinese People… or, you know… “The People” ™.

Also banned are images of Winnie the Poo.  Satirical likeness — it is here that I may add the shame that Ed Milibrand didn’t make it in as Prime Minister just for the sake of seeing more of Wallace of Wallace and Gromit fame.   (Well, that and Brexit wouldn’t have happened.)  I don’t know if Winnie the Poo is banned permanently, or just at highly sensitive moments as when Xi announces he’s going to stay for life.

The big shame for Xi’s march here is that it wasn’t his predecessor who made the move.  Just to enjoy the periodic Abbot and Costello riffs that greeted Hu.  Then again, maybe Xi translates into something in some other language with some other cultural artifact to riff off of… who knows?

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