radio radio…

Appreciating the odd shifts of “Classic Rock” / “Album Oriented Rock” radio playlists, on what is considered “classic” now.  It’s not so much the idea that some 90s (for lack of a better term) “Nu Metal” slides through in the “what the demographic that was listening to Led Zeppelin at the time was listening to now” manner — that’s understandable enough.  It’s the sudden appearance of Twisted Sister — “We’re Not Going to Take It”, and Dio — “Rainbow in the Dark”, or… the music that was just passe at the time finds its way… sliding back into the mix.  Back in the day, you had Dio used as a punchline — playing at the South Park dance — the joke being, of course:  of no interest or use to the hep kids of South Park.

Beyond it… Rock appears to be dead.  For the Millionth Time. Or at least the variant thrown to whatever geo-socio-demographic this is fragmented down toward.

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