mark of the beast

Wait.  What’s that?

The budget deficit, which registered $666 billion in the 2017 budget year, is set to soar even higher, fueled by the tax cuts, a disaster relief total set to breach $130 billion, and long-promised, record budget increases for the military.

666 billion?  Really?

Does that number … 666… give anyone in the Christian Conservative trope of the Republican Party pause?  Maybe.

Pitt County’s Republican and Democratic congressmen voted against a sweeping tax overhaul on Tuesday, but for very different reasons.
Republican Rep. Walter Jones of Farmville said he cannot support legislation that adds to the national deficit, while Democratic Rep. G.K. Butterfield of Wilson said it’s a first step in an effort to cut programs that benefit many Americans.

No.  He didn’t give that as the “666” as the reason, so I guess the Walter Jones skips this angle.  Pursue the other 11 nay voters at your leisure (or whatever Democrats qualify.)  Besides which, maybe my logic is flawed — the tax cut shifts the number for the next year to something beyond 666, so if this were Walter Jones’s concern, he’d have voted aye.

As it were, a google search shows we’ve been here before under Reagan, or that Obama is still the anti-Christ.


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